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Professional Chadderton Woodworm Treatment Spray

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering whether your property has woodworm. To answer this question, we first need to determine what exactly woodworm is.

holzwurmIn nature, woodworm is the infestation, by beetle larvae, of broken branches and exposed trees where the bark has fallen away. However, the habits of these beetles are not confined to the outside; in homes, commercial properties and, in fact, any building that uses timber as part of its structure or furnishings, there is always the potential that they can become infested with beetle larvae.

Now we know what woodworm is, we can move on to find out whether your property has it and the steps you can take to remedy the situation, including whether you need to use a Chadderton woodworm treatment spray.

Does your property require treatment for woodworm removal?

A dramatic piece of timber will show signs of infestation on its surface in the form of small, spherical holes. These are where the beetle larvae have either bored into the wood or exited. The exit holes will appear slightly larger and often be surrounded by fine, grainy dust.

Because larvae chew their way through the wood, the structural integrity of any affected pieces could potentially become compromised, which for supporting structures and floorboards means immediate safety concerns. In the case of floorboards, an obvious sign of this would be if part of a floorboard gave way.

The problems a woodworm infestation can cause homeowners

The seriousness of a woodworm case depends on several factors, such as the location of the problem, the extent of it, and the species of beetle found to be causing the issue.

Regarding the species, the most populous and least serious is the Common Furniture Beetle, which is down to the fact that the larvae of these species boreholes are smaller than other types. However, they can still infest structural features such as flooring, support beams and joinery, not just furniture that would require Chadderton woodworm treatment furniture spray.

The services of Young’s Pest Control

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingIt’s essential to call a treatment expert such as Young’s Pest Control as soon as you discover a woodworm infestation. The problem usually goes undetected for quite some time because a larva will bore holes underneath the surface.

Also, a successful treatment will involve an expert assessment of the infestation by our Young’s Pest Control professionals, including the type of pest involved, whether they are still active and if anything needs replacing or treating with Chadderton woodworm treatment spray such as woodworm removal treatment furniture spray.

Minimising the damage

In taking the time to read this article, you now know the signs of an infestation, the dangers they present and who you can turn to for woodworm treatment. I hope you can call on our pest control services in time to prevent the further spread of this perky critter in ensuring minimal disruption and cost.