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Professional Chadderton Mole Trapping and Control Services

They'll Cause a Mountain of Trouble...

Young's Pest Control is experienced in all kinds of Chadderton mole trapping and can ensure effective mole control no matter how deep the pests have burrowed.

Mole moundTypically, the signs of a mole in your garden will be pretty apparent as they are not discreet. If you noticed any of the following:

  • Raised lines of grass on the lawn
  • Patches of grass missing
  • Mounds of soil on the property next to a hole

You may well be needing some Chadderton mole trapping or control. Moles are generally solitary creatures but will have a nest nearby. Raised lines in the grass are a kind of 'test tunnel' used by the moles to establish whether the soil is good enough to burrow through, and missing grass is a sign that they may be taking clumps back to their nest. The mounds of dirt signify that they have found an ideal location in your garden for their tunnel network to begin. You'll generally see their work without them anywhere near it; in fact, you may never see the cause, only the symptoms.

Mole in a molehillDIY methods of mole control are both lengthy and unpredictable. At worst, they are potentially very inhumane. However, mole control is also governed by specific government and best practice legislation. That's why, if you spot the signs, we're the ones to call. We are registered with the Guild of British Molecatchers and will ensure that not only are the moles dealt with in the most humane way possible (mole trapping is only one of the methods available; there are many more ways depending on the nature of the problem) but we will be able to provide expert advice on how to prevent the problem from coming back. It is all very well removing or killing the pests, but moles will often use another's tunnel network if they come across it.

We do not just cover residential areas; we will also attend any commercial or public premises where Chadderton mole trapping and control is needed, ensuring your customers can enjoy the outdoors and that your garden is free of uprooted plants, damaged lawns and collapsing soil. Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, handy as moles feed at dawn, noon and dusk. We'll take the headache out of the problem with a minimum of fuss and ensure that your daily or work routines remain uninterrupted.