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Chadderton Ant Infestation Removal

We have all heard the phrase 'ants in your pants, but an ant infestation in your house can be just as uncomfortable. Young's Pest Control is here to help with any aspect of Chadderton ant infestation removal.

Ants are tiny creatures who live in colonies of up to half a million ants. Due to their size, they can get in homes and premises through the smallest of holes. There are many different species of ants, but in the UK, you are most likely to come across the following:
Black ant
Black Garden Ant
Pharaoh's Ant
Ghost Ant
Roger's Ant
Pavement Ant

Different species have different preferences, but common nesting sites are in the soil, under stones, pavements, and walls.

Ants do not carry disease, but they are a health hazard as they can pick up pathogens and bacteria as they travel, contaminating any foodstuff they crawl on. Ants are particularly attracted to sweet and sticky food. In some species, worker ants source the food, and once they have found a supply, they can leave a pheromone trail which attracts other ants to the pathway to the food. This is why you often see trails of ants all seemingly following the same route. If you suspect an infestation in your house, it is easy to see why speedy, professional Chadderton ant infestation removal from Young's Pest Control is essential.

Ants are usually more active and visible in warmer weather but can cause a problem at any time of year as they can live all year round if inside warm premises. During late summer (July/August), flying an infestation can be an additional problem. This is when the ants will swarm as mating takes place. Flying ant infestation is particularly unpleasant indoors.

Black worker ants dragging vegetation to the colonyWhilst ant infestation is a nuisance to anyone. It is a particular problem for premises involved in food preparation and supply as under strict hygiene law. It is an offence to sell food contaminated by ants.

If you have seen any sign of ant infestation in your home or business premises, you need to take action, particularly in a kitchen or food preparation area. Don't waste precious time and money on do-it-yourself products. Not only are they ineffective they are also dangerous to our curious, loved ones. Chadderton ant infestation removal needs professional treatment. Young's Pest Control will provide a professional, effective speedy service without causing any additional risk to children or animals.

However big or small the problem, Young's Pest Control will carry out a full inspection, identify what action is needed, offer advice and carry out any necessary ant control.