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Are squirrels causing issues at home?

Being the second most invasive species across the UK andCastleton Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Squirrel Control treatment Italy, squirrels are known for damaging a range of things, especially hardwood structures and water pipes. These pests do not contribute to the ecosystem. Thus, from 1981 onwards, they are considered vermin that you can exterminate on-site without any repercussions. These pests need to constantly gnaw on things due to the fact that their teeth continuously grow throughout their life, making them dangerous to your valuables. Hence, Castleton Squirrel Trapping is a must in these situations.

They usually try to get in through chimneys or roofs, and if there is no point of access, these vermin will create one by eating through your roof, leaving you prone to water damage on rainy days. Once they are in, they will look to create a comfortable habitat and use all sorts of materials. They will chew through structured rafters' electrical wires, causing the support beams to become weaker and worse once they get into the wiring, it will cause sparks, or worse yet, it can lead to fires. They also have a tendency to nest in locations between cavity wall insulation, making the insulation lose effectiveness in certain places, in turn, driving up your electricity bill. These are just a few damages that can result in your home due to their presence.

Pest, like squirrels, likes to find quiet corners to make their Castleton Squirrel Control treatmenthome. However, they can nest almost anywhere in and around the property. Their favourites include chimneys, under floorboards, crawl spaces, outbuildings, sheds and garages. Rather than attempting to deal with them on your own instead, speak to Castleton Squirrel Pest Control to learn more about our Squirrel Control methods and what's best for Getting Rid Of Squirrels.

Listed here are some details to help you better understand these creatures and hopefully avoid some damage to your property.

Known as the grey squirrel, it is a small, bushy-tailed mammalCastleton Squirrel Control treatment that is found throughout much of the United Kingdom. They have reddish-brown fur on their backs and lighter hair on their bellies. They have characteristic large ears and long teeth that are used for gnawing on hard objects like nuts and acorns. Grey squirrels are usually about 12 inches in length, with males being somewhat larger than females.

Squirrels communicate in several ways. When they are feeling confident, they flick their tails and chase each other playfully. If a hawk is overhead, the squirrels will freeze to hide from it. Male squirrels squirt scent on patches of leaves to mark the place where they buried their seed stored for the winter. The smell of this urine sends female squirrels racing over to see if he has anything desirable in his cache and if so, she will take her share before going on her way without any attempt at all at mating with him.

Squirrels breed twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. A typical pregnancy lasts about 44 days, and the newborn is naked and blind. They weigh about 1/10 of an ounce at birth and are fully weaned at ten weeks. Young squirrels can start breeding at six months old.

The damage squirrels cause can be extensive in a short period Castleton Squirrel Control treatmentof time, so it's essential to act as soon as you realize you have one. However, suppose you try to DIY the removal process or use products that are not explicitly designed for squirrel control. In that case, you could be making the problem worse and costing yourself more money in the long run. Castleton Squirrel Pest Control has the expertise and experience in getting rid of squirrels quickly and efficiently, so contact them today for a consultation.