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Are squirrels causing you trouble?

Squirrels are not considered man's best friend. In fact, that is quite far from it. Although they look furry and cute, they bringCalderbrook Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment with them a shopping list of dangers that they pose to any household. Squirrels are fond of gnawing on any hard items due to the growth of their teeth that never stops. Unfortunately for you, this will include your wooden roof structures like beams or rafters. They also chew through all sorts of wires, including electrical causing you fires, and short-circuiting water pipes are another common material they chew into, causing water damage to your household goods. A professional service like Calderbrook Squirrel Pest Control

They usually access the home through any available spot. However, if none are there available, they will make an opening y chewing through any materials in their way. Upon entry, squirrels will immediately begin making their home. What you saw as a single squirrel can quickly turn into an infestation as it did in the late 1800s when a couple of hundreds were brought in. Now their population sits at over 2.5 million. They pose great danger to native species and are now considered the second most invasive species in Great Britain and Italy.

They can be commonly identified in areas such as lofts, Calderbrook Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel controlchimneys, roof spaces, crawlspaces and even garages or any available corner in your home. It is critical that you act immediately once they are seen in your home to avoid costly repairs and avoid infestation. That's where Calderbrook Squirrel Trapping comes in with years of dealing with them. We know the right methods for Getting Rid Of Squirrels.

What does a grey squirrel look like

Squirrels are small rodents that have reddish-brown fur. They typically weigh around 500 to 800 grams and measure about 40 centimetres in length. Squirrels have large ears and sharp teeth, and they use their claws to climb trees. Squirrels can be told apart from other rodents by their bushy tails, which always have four dark stripes on them.

Squirrels are common in the UK and can be found in wooded areas, parks, and gardens. Their diets include nuts, seeds, fruits, and insects. Unfortunately, squirrels also steal food from birds' nests and damage property.

What do they cost the economy each year?

Squirrels cost the UK economy 50 million pounds per year.Calderbrook Squirrel Control treatment They damage property and crops, and they also eat birds' eggs. A squirrel's most active time is in the morning and evening, when they leave their nests searching for food. However, they also damage trees to the point of death or deformation, resulting in damage to the ecosystem.

What forms of communication do they use?

Squirrels can communicate with other squirrels by chattering. They use vocal sounds like all animals and when they chatter their teeth against each other to create noises or vibrations. This is also how they keep in contact within trees, as high as 10 miles away from one another!

If you find that you have a squirrel infestation in your home, it is crucial to take immediate action. Do not try to deal with the problem on your own using DIY products – these will likely be ineffective and could even worsen the situation. Instead, Calderbrook Squirrel Control treatmentcontact a professional pest control company like Calderbrook Squirrel Pest Control right away. Using our expertise, we can get rid of squirrels quickly, so you can rest assured knowing that your home is pest-free. Have you dealt with a squirrel infestation before? Then you would know by now that a professional solution like Calderbrook Squirrel Trapping is the only way to have squirrel control in check.