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Professional Bury Woodworm Treatment Spray

Woodworm is perhaps one of the pests that homeowners are most worried about. The thought of timbers in your house disintegrating at the slightest touch is a frightening and very real one. But help is at hand. Call us at Young’s Pest Control when you suspect you have a problem. We can come and assess the damage as soon as you are worried and treat it accordingly.

Many people don’t realise that there are many different sorts of infestation and the treatment for woodworm depends on the type it is. This is just one reason why it is necessary to call in professionals such as Young’s Pest Control.

How do I know if I have woodworm?
Worm holesThe signs of woodworm that everyone knows are the small and repeated holes in the wood. There are however several other signs: dead beetles near to the infected wood or on window sills, crumbling wood, particularly at the ends of joists etc, and something like the leg of a chair going through the floorboards. You may also see what is called bore dust- this is caused by the adults coming out of your wood and can usually be seen by infested timber. These are all signs of woodworm infestation. If you see or experience ANY of these signs call us at Young's Pest Control at any time on 0161 776 9832. We are on call 24 hours a day.

Why can’t I treat it myself?
Firstly, it is necessary to assess the type of woodworm infestation and also see what stage the woodworm are at. We will have to identify the type of woodworm from many in this country including the common furniture beetle, the death watch beetle and the house longhorn beetle, and then see if it is still active. Also, treatment for the larvae stage is different from the treatment for woodworm at the adult stage. This is difficult for the layperson to assess. Getting it wrong simply means that the treatment will be ineffective and valuable time lost.  Secondly, you will need a professional company like Young’s Pest Control to see if any wood needs to be replaced. As woodworm can be in other wood in your house, such as your furniture we offer Bury woodworm treatment furniture as part of our assessment service.

Woodworm Removal

holzwurmBury woodworm treatment spray is the most effective method to control woodworm. We at Young’s Pest Control want you to have peace of mind after the treatment and you can rest assured that any woodworm infestation will be gone when we have finished. The assessment alongside our Bury woodworm treatment spray and woodworm treatment furniture will give you peace of mind.

Call us at Young's Pest Control whenever you think you have a problem with pests –the earlier, the better. Remember we treat other pests as well and are more than willing to explain other treatments we can do for pests like mice, rats, bees, and woodworm to you.