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Professional Bury Ant Infestation Removal

Black worker ants dragging vegetation to the colonyAn ant infestation is something that is of no benefit to the home or business owner. A flying ant infestation can be even worse. These pests cause misery for whoever has to experience them and possible structural damage if Bury ant infestation removal is not prompt and effective. Ant treatment by Young's Pest Control will remove the problem with a minimal amount of intrusion.

An ant infestation in house settings will be made more likely by certain behaviours, but there is no hard and fast rule as to what makes an ant infestation more likely. Generally, sugary food and drink left out will give them something to work towards, so ant control is more about combatting the problem once it has arrived; if they work their way into your house, it's more just bad luck! The signs, however, are straightforward to spot; large amounts of them moving around the house is the most common sign. However, in the case of wood ants, frass (a mixture of wood and ant excrement) may appear in and around the home. If you can't see the ants, they may produce a rustling sound if moving en masse.

Home methods of ant control are hazardous to pets and kids and largely ineffective. Ants leave trails for others to follow, and we cannot smell these, so professional Bury ant infestation removal is best for reacting, prevention and peace of mind. Additionally, a flying ant infestation may be harder to find and eradicate; at Young's Pest Control, we will deal with the ant infestation in the house, whether they are winged or not.

Black antOur experienced team will be able to attend the site, establish just what ant species are in the building, and work out the nest's location. Then, we will provide a bespoke treatment based on our findings and eradicate the problem. In cases where a clear cause for the infestation can be found, preventative advice can be given to ensure that the infestation is less likely to happen again. We can provide treatments 24 hours a day, especially useful in commercial settings where an almost instant treatment is needed to ensure customers do not go elsewhere. Once the pests have been taken care of, a complete clean up is possible, clearing away any old excrement or scent left behind to attract other ants or pests. Our all-encompassing treatments will mean that one phone call is the hardest bit of work you'll have to do.