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Are squirrels causing you problems?

Have you been woken at night by the sound of scurrying inBryn Gates Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Squirrel Control treatment your attic? This may point to a squirrel infestation. These known pests will invade your home, leaving in their wake damages that can cost you thousands of pounds below. We will discuss the damage they cause to some regions of your home and why you should always choose the professional route for services like Bryn Gates Squirrel Trapping.

Squirrels usually use access points that are readily available. If this is not an option in your property, they will move to the roof as they can gnaw on thatched or shingles to the point of holes in them. Once they have entered the home, they will usually use places like your loft, decking, cavity insulation, even places like outhouses and sheds are favourite. But don't limit them to these places as they can use any quiet spots around Bryn Gates Cross Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel controlyour home. They will chew on insulations like CCTV, alarm and electrical wires and often power lines causing massive damage in their quest to build a drey resulting in a total collapse of your monitoring systems or worse yet cause short circuits and fires this can cause you to lose loads of valuables or worse your entire home. We recommend speaking to Bryn Gates Squirrel Pest Control for help in Getting Rid Of Squirrels.

The most common hideouts for them are places with the least amount of disturbance, like chimneys, garages, lofts, underfloor boarding or even sheds and outbuildings are a great location for them. The following are merely suggestions and they can nest anywhere around the home. Knowledge is key to avoiding costly repairs, so we have included some literature about them. We hope you find it helpful:

They communicate by emitting high-pitched cries a few times per second. The calls vary depending on the squirrel's emotional state, with dominant and territorial males often calling. They also signify danger through alarm calls or warn prey of other predators in the area.

The Grey Squirrel is a small, furry animal that is native to NorthBryn Gates Squirrel Control treatment America. They have bushy tails and big ears, known for their sharp teeth. Squirrels are very active animals, and they love to play and jump around. They can be both friendly and curious, but they can also be fiercely independent. Squirrels mate for life, and the mother will take care of her young until they are ready to fend for themselves.

Among the most common types of squirrel in Great Britain. They are usually about 12 inches long, with a bushy tail as long as their body. They have thick fur that can be grey, black, or reddish-brown, and they have white markings on their face, chest, and belly. 

Two times a year, squirrels breed, in the spring and in the fall. Gestation lasts about 44 days, and the mother gives birth to two to six young. The young are born naked and blind, and they stay with their mother until they are about eight weeks old. Weaning occurs around six months of age. Females can breed after nearly 9 months old. As you can see, an infestation can occur rapidly, and squirrel control is imperative.

Those who have ever tried to get rid of squirrels on their own can attest it's not easy. In fact, using DIY methods or products to control a squirrel infestation is often ineffective and can worsen the problem. Therefore, you should hire a professional Bryn Gates Squirrel Control treatmentservice like Bryn Gates Squirrel Pest Control when you need help getting rid of these pesky critters. As squirrel exterminators, we can identify and eliminate squirrel infestations quickly and effectively, minimizing damage in the process. So if you think you may be dealing with a squirrel problem, don't wait – contact Bryn Gates Squirrel Trapping today for a free consultation!