Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Broadheath Bumblebee Nest Removal

Broadheath Bumblebees can be a serious hazard,Broadheath Bumblebee Nest Removal especially if you have young children or pets. These bees are known to cause anaphylactic shock with their stings, so it's essential to understand the removal process if you find a hive near your home. Contact a Bumblebee exterminator for safe removal.

It's not uncommon to find Bumblebee nests near people's homes, especially if there is a place nearby with water, like a Pond or Lake. Suppose you're concerned about having Bumblebees around. In that case, Broadheath Bumblebee removal service near me is something you should consider as these pests can nest in a variety of places; some of the most common include lofts, attics, garages, sheds, compost heaps, crevices, cracks in walls, roof spaces, trees, underground and so on. They can nest just about anywhere around your property.

Below is a guide on the most common species of Bumblebees around the United Kingdom -

The Common carder bumblebee is a species of bumblebee found in Europe, Asia and North America.

The queen has yellow hair on the thorax, some white Broadheath Bumblebee Nest Removalhair on the head, black hair on the abdomen with pale hairbands across segments five to nine. The worker has yellow hairs on some or all of its body parts except for the tergum one, which is entirely covered with black-brown hairs. The male's appearance is more variable than that of the female. Its abdomen appears to have a patchwork of yellow, white and grey-black hairs.

The Shrill carder bee, Bombus sylvarum, is a bumblebee species found throughout Great Britain and Ireland. It is a medium-sized bee and can be identified by its yellow and black stripes. The species nests in colonies of up to 400 individuals and stings when disturbed. The Shrill carder bee is a medium-sized bumblebee with black and yellow lines; adults have a length of 10–13 mm (0.39–0.51 in), and females are generally larger than males. The head, thorax and abdomen all have the same yellow colouring, while the scutellum (the triangular scale between the wings) has four to six black patches; these markings may be sparse or absent in some individuals. Males have longer antennae than females slightly.

The great yellow bumblebee, Bombus distinguendus, is a bumblebee species found in North America. It is a large bee and can be easily distinguished by its yellow colour. This bee is a social insect that lives in colonies of up to 400 bees. The settlements are usually located in abandoned rodent nests or other protected areas.

Why not use a professional service to get rid of bumblebees if you have them? Most people don't understand what they're doing when removing bee nests. Hence, hiring an expert is the only way to solve their problem. The Broadheath Bumblebee nestBroadheath Bumblebee Nest Removal removal near me team can help with any job, from small scale insect control in your garden or cellar right up to large commercial jobs where hundreds of thousands of bees need removing. We offer all types of services and our experts will advise on which style would suit your needs best. There's no reason why you should try something difficult without knowing how when there's a fast and reliable solution available - hire Broadheath Bumblebee hive removal today!