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Bramhall Woodworm Treatment - Is it a Worm or a Beetle?

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Young's Pest Control has studied these matters in order to properly identify household pests such as woodworm, so we can say with confidence that the woodworm is, in fact, a beetle. Though they are a beetle, they tunnel through the wood the way a worm tunnels through the earth in order to get the nutrients. That is why they are called woodworm, and one of the reasons that if you have a woodworm infestation you will want to get it under control by calling Young's Pest Control for woodworm removal as soon as possible before it eats its way through structural wood or prized valuables.

Which Woodworm Is Worst?

All woodworm beetles are a bad thing. You are going to need treatment for woodworm regardless of what kind of woodworm you have. The Common Furniture Beetle and Powderpost Beetle have similar treatments, while the House Longhorn and Deathwatch Beetle are more complicated to treat and require professional help in order to properly administer Bramhall woodworm treatment spray.

Can Incorrect Bramhall Woodworm Treatment Cause Furniture Damage?

This is why you need the professionals at Young's Pest Control - your furniture is valuable to you and we want you to be able to enjoy it for years to come, damage-free. Bramhall woodworm treatment furniture spray can do more harm than good when applied by the average do it yourself, the homeowner.

Young's Bramhall Woodworm Treatment Furniture Protection

Bramhall woodworm treatment sprays for woodworm can help get rid of your woodworm infestation, when applied appropriately along with other treatment for woodworm removal.

Woodworm (furniture beetle) Facts:

  • Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingCalled a woodworm because they burrow through the wood
  • Like a variety of softwood species
  • 3-5 mm long as adults
  • Can weaken structural timber with the burrowing they do in order to eat
  • Prefer damp wood
  • Love plywood and will burrow and live inside it for a very long time
  • 1-2 mm exit holes

This woodworm can be found in floorboards, loft timbers, and old furniture (finding entry routes where polished finish wore off). It likes to lay its eggs on the timber and let its grubs do the damage.

House Longhorn Beetle Facts:

  • Very damaging
  • 6-10mm holes in wood
  • Only larva feed on wood
  • Once mature, adult Longhorn beetles make large holes to exit the wood they've been living and feeding in

The Longhorn woodworm has been found in areas of England such as Surrey. Mainly it sticks to roof timbers as it likes to attack the sapwood which comes from softwood species. That is how it can easily do extreme structural damage. The holes and tunnels that it makes can be 6-10mm, so when you think you have this infestation you need help FAST!

Call Young's Pest Control, we have dealt with this sort of infestation and are trained and ready with the right equipment and the right sprays to do the job in a safe and effective manner.