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Professional Bramhall Mole Trapping

Mr Mole:

Full size moleIf you are a town dweller, the chances are you’ve never seen a mole. The four-legged variety, that is. Around 14 cm long with a stubby 3 cm tail, these silver-black, almost blind animals are native to all UK, Europe, and North America. They spend their time burrowing underground, close to the surface, with spade-shaped forelimbs and a cylindrical body. They rarely, if ever, come above ground.

Although considered a pest of the countryside, they will invade any open spaces. Golf courses, public recreation areas and parks, and extensive ornamental gardens are open to the public. Even your garden, if you live on the edge of a park or golf course. Once they begin tunnelling, they can quickly devastate all those carefully manicured lawns and greens.

A Mountain out of a Molehill:

We’ve all heard of that saying; don’t make something big out of something small. When you suddenly find mounds of freshly dug soil 25-30 cm high, you’ve already got something big.

Moles will burrow along underground, pushing the soil up into molehills, and they’re hard-working little critters. Not just one molehill, they will start to appear every eight to ten feet at an alarming rate. Now it’s time for some severe Bramhall mole trapping and control.

Forget DIY:

Bramhall mole trapping is not for the DIY expert. You’ll end up digging up the lawn and still not catch one. And the chances are there will be a lot more than one. A female, or sow, can produce up to seven in one litter. So it’s time to call in a specialist mole pest control company. Young’s Pest Control Company has fully trained qualified staff with the expertise and necessary equipment for Bramhall mole trapping.

Experts are the Only Way:

Mole in a molehillMole control is almost an art in itself. Most mole pest control experts have years of experience. They can pick out which hills are old and which are new. To work out the best areas to work in takes a lot of practice and know-how.

Bramhall mole trapping has to be carried out using up to the minute humane traps. Young’s Pest Control has the latest government-approved equipment to undertake effective mole control.

With an estimated mole population of over 31-million moles: when you see that first molehill, don’t let it turn into a mountain. Instead, call in Young’s Mole Pest Control Division immediately, and keep that newly mowed lawn just as you want it; flat.