Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Tree Bumble BeeInvaders from the Continent

A 2014 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) report observes that only 13 years ago, the tree bumblebee first arrived in the United Kingdom (UK) from continental Europe. However, this bee is now rapidly spreading and can now be found throughout Britain. Here are some details about this fascinating bee and tips on what you should do if you find them nesting on your premises.

Uncertain impact

The BBC report notes that the tree bumblebee is striking and unusual – the fuzzy bee has a ginger head, a black body and a whitetail. Unlike most bees, it makes its nest in bird boxes and tree hollows. This colourful invader is exceptionally hardy, and one study even revealed that they have resistance to the nematode worm parasites that typically kill indigenous bumblebees. The BBC report also observes that scientists are not sure whether the proliferation of these foreign invaders is positive or negative for local bumblebee species. One biologist at the University of London suggests that it could be possible that the tree bumblebees are playing a positive pollination role in ecosystems. Or the bumblebees could simply be filling an empty ecological niche since they live in harmony with many other species on the Continent. Alternatively, they could be competing with native bees for scarce resources like nest sites and nectar.

Threats to bees

If the tree bumblebees are indeed invasive and compete with local bees, this could be extremely serious. They could potentially contribute to the extinction or decline of vulnerable bee species here. The Species Recovery Trust's website notes that 22 bee species have become extinct in England over the last two centuries. Threats to native bees include the impact of invasive bee species, pesticides and habitat loss.

Our professional Bramhall bumblebee control service

Bumblebees can dBumble Beeeliver a very nasty sting. In addition, as noted above, some species are vulnerable. Therefore it is always wise to call our Bramhall bumble bee control service to get expert advice should bees invade your premises. For example, we would be able to determine whether your uninvited guests are invasive species or rare, native bumblebees. Based on our assessment, we would then choose the best course of bumblebee removal or control action.

Our service offers several distinct advantages. For example, we have a fixed price Bramhall bumble bee control package, and all our work is guaranteed. So why not give us a call now?