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Professional Bramhall Bed Bug Treatment

Not Dangerous, But Still Unwelcome!

Modern-day bed bugs appear much more frequently than you may think. But, unfortunately, an increasing number of people are unaware of what may well be a symptom of a bed bug infestation, mistaking them instead for signs of other pests or flies.

Bed bugs feed on human blood but do not need a steady supply once they have matured. They can survive for up to a year without food, so an old mattress that you might think is pest free could well be teeming with these pests. Because of their hardy nature, Bramhall bed bug treatment can be a difficult task, so it's essential to spot symptoms. These can include:

  • Bed Bug TreatmentReddish marks (often mistaken for mosquito bites)
  • Dark or black stains on or around the mattress
  • An unpleasant and sweet/sickly scent
  • Live bugs and skin sheddings

Despite their name, they won't always just be found in the bed. They have been known to inhabit bed frames, skirting boards, the space between floorboards and inside electrical sockets and fittings, wardrobes and bedside cabinets. They are attracted to body heat, and once they find a ready host, they will do their best to feed and stay with that food source, crawling quickly to the next head once they need to. This is why prompt Bramhall bed bug treatment is essential once the problem has been spotted.

bedbugYoung's Pest Control is specially trained in bed bug fumigation where needed and available Bramhall bed bug treatment where fumigation is not an option. Our service is discreet; our staff use unmarked vans to save embarrassment. However, despite bed bugs not being attracted to dirt, they are still associated with being the sign of an unclean home, so hotels and residential homes can suffer reputational damage if they do not arrange for bed bug control. Other methods that sit outside of bed bug fumigation include steaming and quick freeze treatments, although our staff will decide on and carry out the best course of treatment after a thorough site survey.

Bramhall bed bug treatment is, without exception, best left to the experts due to the safety aspect of the insecticides and treatments used, as well as the fact that we can carry out bed bug control whilst allowing you to carry on as usual. With Young's Pest Control, you will be connected to a company that can attend 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring a safe and clean environment in no time.