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Professional Bolton Woodworm Treatment Spray for Your Home

The damage that a woodworm infestation can inflict on a property means that it must be dealt with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the Bolton woodworm removal treatment for furniture, beams, floors, and other wood features required can be dependent on the beetles that infest a home, and this is a reason why homeowners should turn to professional help. Young's Pest Control has experts available that can identify the species and apply a treatment for woodworm that will clear them from home.


holzwurmWoodworm is the larvae stage of various beetles, with some of the species found in the UK, including the Common Furniture, Deathwatch, and House Longhorn. A female adult beetle will lay eggs on wooden surfaces, and the larva that hatches from these will then bore into the wood to feed on it. This creates a series of tunnels, with the larva working their way towards the surface and pupating. The adult beetles that emerge then chew their way free to mate, and females lay eggs to start the cycle again.


The danger of a woodworm infestation is that wooden objects in a home can be damaged to the point of destruction. This can be frustrating when it comes to tables, chairs, and other wood furniture. However, the consequences can be a lot more severe if woodworm gets into structural elements of a property. For example, wooden beams and columns that are weakened by the larva's feeding may eventually be in danger of collapse. This is why a Bolton woodworm treatment spray needs to be applied as quickly as possible after the problem is spotted.

Common Signs

Worm holesSpotting the signs of a woodworm infestation is not always that easy at first, although a few things will show up in time. For example, as adult beetles free themselves from a wooden object, they leave a tell-tale round exit hole, and the dust will collect on the floor below. These are the most obvious signs of a problem, and if noticed, it is worth calling in an expert to carry out an investigation. The benefit of this is that they should establish the extent of an infestation and identify the type of beetle that is causing the problem. They will then be able to apply the correct Bolton woodworm treatment to furniture, beams, floors, and other affected areas that need to deal with the problem.

Contact Us for Effective Woodworm Removal

Young's Pest Control has professional technicians that are trained in dealing with an infestation of woodworm. They have the required experience and knowledge to carry out inspections to establish how bad the problem is, suggest the best course of action to deal with it, and use Bolton woodworm treatment spray and other measures to ensure that this unwanted pest is wholly cleared from a property. This means that customers can trust us to provide them with a quick and reliable service. So as soon as you spot the tell-tale signs, give us a call to get woodworm treatment as quickly as possible.