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The Importance of Professional Bolton Mole Trapping

Moles are small, furry burrowing animals that spend most of their lives in underground holes. Although they are omnivorous, their diet mainly consists of worms. Moles typically breed during the first months and have short gestation periods of between one month and two. They also are highly solitary and territorial.

Why moles are classified as pests

Mole in a molehillContrary to their diminutive looking nature, moles are highly destructive animals. Through their burrowing nature, they damage crops by uprooting them, spoiling grazing fields, causing cracks on structures and in worst cases, they may even destabilize a building. In addition, the molehills that they create make the landscape unpleasant and endanger the safety of property users who may not be aware of their presence. Although they rarely spread diseases to humans or other domestic animals, it is always better to remove them rather than suffer the losses they cause. Therefore, Bolton mole trapping and control are vital to farmers, homeowners or other affected parties in preventing the above issues.

Why you should engage the services of young's pest control

We are a leading company when it comes to Bolton mole trapping. Our success rate in mole pest control is very high, and customers who have previously engaged in our services have always been satisfied with the quality of our work. Furthermore, we can guarantee that our mole control methods are highly effective and environmentally friendly. Apart from that:

Full size mole• We use Bolton mole trapping devices that physically trap the pests and, in some cases, other agents which are solely aimed at the targeted animals and do not have any adverse effects on the applied sites.
• Our highly-skilled research and development team has developed our Bolton mole trapping and pest control techniques. They have of late come to include the use of cutting edge technology such as thermographic cameras to supplement our trapping gadgets. This makes it easier to pick the moles out from their secret locations by simply detecting their body heat emissions.
• Our rates are very competitive, and the staff is well trained.

Here at Young's Pest Control, we take our work and customers' concerns very seriously. We believe that we are the best mole control company, and our work honestly does speak for itself. Whenever our services are sought after, we are available and usually make house calls when asked to outline our services.