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Professional Bolton Grey Squirrel Control: Important Things to Know

Are there scratching noises coming from your soffit or loft, especially in the morning or evening? If so, there may be grey squirrels nesting in your attic. While squirrels are not considered pests, they are a nuisance. If you suspect there are squirrels in your home, you should contact a company specialising in Bolton grey squirrel control.

The truth about grey squirrels

Grey squirrel pestGrey squirrels usually live in abandoned bird nests on trees and in small hollows. However, due to increased numbers over the years, it is now common to find them in attics, roof spaces, and even lofts.

Eating habits
Squirrels mainly live on seeds and nuts. Nevertheless, they do also feed on young birds and bird eggs.

The gestation period of a grey squirrel is 45 days. The female squirrel will give birth to between three and four young squirrels that will fend for themselves after about 10 weeks. In a year, the female will have about two litters.

Why do you need to control grey squirrels
Grey squirrel on benchTo most people, squirrels are harmless creatures. However, this could not be further from the truth. You probably know that squirrels like chewing. They will chew their way into your home, causing a lot of damage. Once inside the house, they will gnaw and damage not only water pipes but also electrical cables. Sometimes, they will even make nests in the insulation. This is a threat to your safety.
Another reason you should control and get rid of grey squirrels is because they are a health hazard since they carry fleas. They may pass on the fleas to you and your pets. Moreover, squirrels can be aggressive; they can quickly attack and bite when they feel threatened.

Importance of hiring professional Bolton grey squirrel control services
There are several reasons why you should hire professional Bolton grey squirrel removal services. Firstly, they remove squirrels safely and professionally. Bolton grey squirrel control experts are trained and fully equipped to remove squirrels from your property. Another reason to hire professional squirrel pest control services is that they will advise proving your home against squirrels. A company as Young’s pest control will not only help you get rid of squirrels but other pests that may be giving you sleepless nights. So go on, call them today. Their Bolton grey squirrel control services are available 24 hours a day.