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Bolton Cockroach Control - A Hardy Pest Best Left To Professionals

When someone thinks of a cockroach, the term 'pest' will nearly always come to mind. These are not cute, lovable creatures, but hardy and potentially dangerous pest.

disgusting cockroach isolated on whiteWhilst they do not look remotely pleasant, the dangers they pose to humans are wide and varied. A live cockroach can transmit bacteria that cause food poisoning, as well as directly harmful bacteria colonies, parasitic worms and human pathogens. Additionally, they can survive extreme circumstances, rendering any type of home treatment ineffective. The best course of Bolton cockroach control is best left to professionals who will be able to dispatch the infestation in a humane, effective and safe way.

Cockroaches are known to prefer warm, moist environments. This is why they often turn up in homes and more often can be seen in some of the less hygienic restaurants and commercial premises. There are many things that may attract cockroaches, but often it is dirty dishes (presenting a food source), improper cleaning away of food and rubbish, and the leaving out of food for longer periods of time. Cockroaches will then work their way in through cracks in seals, or open entryways (such as doors left ajar or gaps underneath the door.) But the problems are not caused just by live cockroaches. Their bodies and shells continue to carry deadly bacteria, so even after you may think they've gone, or ceased to be a problem, they're still a threat and still require some form of Bolton cockroach control.

Our team of specialists are trained to deal with exactly this type of problem. Whether it is in the home or in commercial premises, we will be able to attend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, carrying out a humane, effective, and reasonably priced Bolton cockroach control treatment. Do not be fooled into thinking these can be dealt with by a cheap or suggested home method; cockroach pest control is not something that can be left to chance, as the risks are high if improper cockroach treatment is carried out. Our vans are unmarked, saving embarrassment for the homeowner, or loss of business for the commercial customer; a discreet course of Bolton cockroach control is guaranteed.

Dead cockroach isolated on a white background.If you find the following in your building:

  • Smear marks
  • Droppings
  • Unusual odours
  • Skin sheddings

then one or all of the above may be a sign of a cockroach infestation. Call us; we're trained for exactly this type of pest.