Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Bolton BumbleBee Control & Nest Removal Services

If you have a problem with bumblebees on your property, then you need the services of a Bolton bumble bee control firm. A professional Bolton bumblebee control treatment will be able to remove any bumblebee nest from your property, no matter where it is located. In addition, Bolton bumble bee control services can remove bumblebee infestations from homes and commercial properties. All of the work performed by our Bolton bumblebee control firm is guaranteed. If all the bumblebees are not cleared on the first visit, the second visit is completely free.

Why bumblebee infestations are on the rise

Recently more people have been reporting bumble bee infestations on their property. The reason for this is the rising number of tree bumblebees. The tree bumblebees are a visitor from neighbouring continental Europe. Despite being a relatively new addition to the UK landscape, it has quickly become a dominant feature of many gardens. Unlike the common UK bumblebee, it is not susceptible to the same parasites as numbers continue to increase with little to stop it. Bumblebees are generally more of a nuisance than a danger to most people. However, they can pay for more risk if the person suffers an allergy to bumblebee venom. While bumblebees have a reputation of being friendly but they will attack if the hive is threatened. Pets and small children can often accidentally intrude on the hive without meaning to. This can result in multiple stings from the swarm of bumblebees.

BumbleBee Removal Services

Bumble Bee on flowerIt is not a good idea to try and remove the bumblebee hive by yourself. Firstly, without the proper protective equipment removing a bumblebee nest can be dangerous. As noted above, bumble bees will attack if their pack is moved. Trying to eliminate the hive with insecticide will often only kill the majority of bumblebees but leave the hive in place. This means that the bumblebee infestation remains.

Our Bolton bumble bee control service will altogether remove all traces of the infestation from the property. Once the hive is removed, the colony will not return to the property. Bumblebee hives are set up once a season, and so once eliminated would not be used again. If you want to be sure that you have entirely removed the bumblebees from your property, then you need to hire a professional bumble bee removal service. Our Bolton bumble bee control firms offer same-day service and can remove the hive while you are not at home.