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No More Sleepless Nights with Bolton Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bugs Are Vicious

They live off the blood of the living creatures surrounding, coming out at night to bite and thus draw in the blood, which is their food. With the ability to crawl up to 100 feet to get a meal, the eggs they leave behind (1-5 new eggs per day) stuck to parts of your home or business can hatch and join their parents quickly, spreading the nasty pests everywhere.

People, children, and pets will find annoying small bug bites in the morning which were not present the night before.

Young's Pest Control Offers Complete Bolton Bed Bug Treatment and Removal

We can supply bed bug fumigation, Bolton bed bug treatment and bed bug control and removal to our valued home and business clients. We have done this many times, and satisfied customers wouldn't go anywhere else to deal with a bed bug infestation.

Unsure if it is bed bugs that you have in your home or business? Don't hesitate to contact us for an inspection. Our professional and trained staff know what can happen when people try to use home treatments. Insecticides can be environmentally and pet and people unfriendly when used by untrained do it yourself type homeowners.

  • Bed BugBed bugs are minor and hard to see
  • They can be transmitted outside the home and back in very easily
  • Clothing, furniture, and luggage can be prime sources of migration for bed bugs

Signs That You Need Our Help at Bed Bug Control

  • You discover them in night tables, headboards, and beds
  • Egg clusters covered in sticky residue
  • Red-coloured spots on the bed (blood)
  • Black specks like pepper (faecal matter)
  • Small (less than 5mm insects) come out at night
  • Skin shells shed from bed bugs

Young's Pest Control Bed Bug Treatment

First, you need your home evaluated by us to determine what sort of pest infestation you have. Then we will come up with a plan to conduct Bolton bed bug treatment and bed bug removal in the safest manner possible. Finally, we will use our special equipment and professional training to take control of the problem and eliminate it.

This is an issue you need help in treating and keeping from returning. So call Young's Pest Control today!