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Are Squirrels causing You problems? 

If squirrels are present in your house, you must act immediately. Squirrels can transmit diseases, cause extensive damage, and even start fires. Squirrels are pretty common inBickershaw Squirrel Control treatment the United Kingdom. After being introduced in 1870, they quickly became widespread across most of Great Britain. Due to their rapid reproductive rate, there are now a few million in the UK and are considered invasive species, and in 1981 they have deemed vermin that need to be exterminated. Currently, they are the second most invasive species in England and Italy, second only to the common brown rat. Before your issue gets out of control, you should reach out to Bickershaw Squirrel Pest Control.

The pesky creatures enter your home via various methods, including opened doors, opened windows, roofs, holes in insulation etc. Because they use tree ranches to get from one place to another, they often jump onto roofs looking for weak spots to enter. If the space isn't big enough, they will rip shingled or thatched roofs to get in, leaving you with openings on your rooftop so when it rains you have a severe problem. Bickershaw Squirrel Trapping can help if acted upon early.

Inside your home, they will chew into your ethernet cables, Bickershaw Squirrel Control treatmentcausing a loss of productivity. If you work from home, they also gnaw on alarm cables which can set it off or disable it altogether. They even damage CCTV cables, causing them to malfunction or stop working. The worse of the lot is when they go through your electrical wires, causing short-circuiting and fires eventually because of the materials found around these cables, mainly wood fires can spread like wildfire. Your home can be burnt to the ground.

Squirrels are usually found in most vacant corners of the home, but their preferences are attics, floorboards, between decking, sheds, outbuildings and between cavity insulation. In fact, no place around the home should be ruled out as a possible home for them and Getting Rid Of Squirrels should be a high priority. Once there is a sighting, we do squirrel control in the hopes to avoid this.

Description of a squirrel

 Grey Squirrels are perhaps the most common squirrel species in England and Europe. They are between 10 and 17 inchesBickershaw Grey Squirrel control long, their tails account for 20% of that span, and they have a bodyweight of up to 2 pounds. Distinguishing features include a white-tipped tail with black stripes on the backside towards the end of the fluffy tail fur, which becomes dark at wintertime with a light grey undercoat, so it blends nicely with leaves/tree bark when sleeping during cold months.

List of diseases that squirrels carry and can pass on

- Squirrel pox

- Lyme disease

- Tularaemia

- Encephalitis

- Squirrel pox

- Typhus

- Salmonella

- Tularemia

Most of the above diseases have a range of symptoms, and some can be fatal. A lot of them will have symptoms that seem similar to that of a common cold or flu, so it's best you go to a doctor if you appear sick after a bite or scratch from a squirrel and afterwards contact Bickershaw Squirrel Trapping.

When it comes to pest control, you need to make sure that you choose a reputable and qualified company. Check the provider's credentials and always ask for references. Bickershaw Squirrel Pest Control is one such company; we Bickershaw Squirrel Controlhave years of experience in dealing with squirrel infestations and know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We also use only the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure minimal damage to your property. -DIY Products vs Professional Service: Never try to deal with a squirrel infestation on your own using DIY products. Using these products can cause more harm than good and can exacerbate the problem.