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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems? 

When squirrels are invading your home, it is imperative thatBeswick Squirrel Control treatment you take action right away. You will want to get rid of the squirrels as soon as possible because they are damaging and can transmit diseases. If you try to deal with the squirrels yourself, you may end up making matters worse. Therefore, it is vital to call Beswick Squirrel Trapping experts at getting rid of squirrels safely and effectively.

Squirrels are known to damage thatched or shingled roofs by gnawing on weak spots to a point where they are accessible to them. By doing this, they leave behind holes and gaps, so when it rains, water will rush through, causing rot and dampness; this is just the beginning because, upon entry, they will look to build a nest ( a DREY), and they use whatever they can to make one; this often includes stripping wood from solid wooden structures making them weaker and potentially causing them to collapse so squirrels control is a must as soon as you notice them and Beswick Squirrel Pest Control would be your best bet.

Beswick Squirrel Control treatmentSquirrels unknowingly chew on any cables they can find. The most dangerous of them all is electrical wires. This can cause sparks, short-circuiting, and fires. They do this because they need to keep their teeth filed down as they never stop growing. These animals can chew through wood, plastic, concrete, and a load of other hard items.

They build their nests (called dreys) in trees, often using leaves and bark as insulation when outdoors. Inside your home, they will usually nest in lofts, crawl spaces, garages, roof spaces and outbuildings or sheds and just about any available corner with the least amount of disruption.

Description of the UK's grey squirrel

The Grey Squirrel is most common in the UK. They grow to a length of around 18-24 inches and can weigh up to 1.5 pounds. Grey Squirrels are typically reddish-grey in colour, but they are sometimes black or white as well. As omnivores, they consume a variety of things, including nuts, fruits, insects, and bird eggs. However, when food is scarce, they will often bury food in the ground for consumption at a later time.

The number of squirrels born in a litter

Female squirrels usually have their first litter when they areBeswick Squirrel Control treatment around one year old. They typically have 2-4 young per litter, and the gestation period is around 44 days. Newborn squirrels are blind and deaf and weigh just a few ounces. Their fur is initially grey or light brown, but it turns black within a few weeks. The young are weaned after 6-8 weeks, and they will leave the nest at around ten weeks.

The Importance of Choosing an Expert: You don't want to take any chances when getting rid of squirrels. DIY products and methods can be ineffective and even dangerous. Choosing a qualified professional like Beswick Squirrel Pest Control, who will have the knowledge and experience necessary to evict these furry pests quickly and safely, is important. -The Danger of a Squirrel Infestation: Not only are squirrels an invasive species that can cause severe damage, but they can be more Beswick Squirrel Controldangerous if left unchecked. They often carry diseases like salmonella and leptospirosis, so it is crucial to act immediately when you discover them in your home or business. Delay could lead to further destruction and possible exposure to harmful viruses. As long as they are around, your family is not safe. Let Beswick Squirrel Trapping restore the peace and harmony back in your home.