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Are Squirrels causing You problems? 

No one wants squirrels around their home. They may seemBarton on Irwell Grey Squirrel control like cute and harmless animals, but they can do a lot of damage. Squirrels transmit diseases, they are an invasive species, and they gnaw on wires - which can cause fires. Squirrels were introduced in the United Kingdom in the year 1870 from America. Since then, they have reproduced rapidly, with currently over 5 million known to be in the UK. In 1981 these pests were considered vermin by legislation. Squirrels usually try to gain access to your home via your roof; they are not limited to this and can use any access point. Once inside, they will immediately begin building a home known as a drey, so Squirrel control is imperative, and as soon as you notice them, you should reach out to Barton on Irwell Squirrel trapping.

These vermin will use any materials they can find to build their nest. They are able to strip wood from support structures like beams or even rafters, weakening them to the point of collapse. Throughout their lifespans, their teeth continue to grow, so they have to chew on things to keep them filed down. This often includes electrical wires resulting in short circuits or, worse, a fire, so think twice before saying they are harmless.

Squirrels usually nest in tree cavities, but they will also use buildings, garages, other outbuildings even a shed. They typically build their drey in the attic, in a crawlspace, or in an unused corner of the house.

What does a squirrel look like?

Barton on Irwell Squirrel Control treatmentAmong squirrels, grey squirrels are most common in the United Kingdom. They grow to an average length of 18-24 inches, including the tail. They have dense fur that is usually a grizzled greyish colour but can also be black or reddish. Their underparts are usually white or buff coloured. Daytime activity is typical for the grey squirrel, and it lives in deciduous and mixed forests. It usually finds homes near humans due to safety from predators and an abundance of food. Leaves and twigs are used to build nests on tree branches and often store nuts and other food items in these nests.

How quickly do squirrels reproduce?

Squirrels typically have two litters of young per year, with fourBarton on Irwell Squirrel Control treatment to six young in each litter. The gestation period is about 44 days. Young are born blind and naked and weigh about 1/10th of an ounce. They grow rapidly and are weaned at six to eight weeks old. After reaching adulthood, they build their own home before your home reaches infestation state; contact Barton on Irwell Squirrel Pest Control.

Squirrels eat a wide variety of materials, seeds, and nuts. They commonly eat birdseed and peanuts that people often provide for wild birds. Trees can be damaged by squirrels stripping the bark in search of food, usually affecting the growth of a tree or killing it altogether. The sapwood that they search for is full of nutrients and is one of their favourites. A squirrel is capable of eating its own weight in food every week, so this quickly adds up to a lot of damage very quickly, so getting rid of squirrels should be your main priority.

The most severe issues surrounding squirrels are that they are known to carry a number of diseases, including plague, tularemia, leptospirosis, Q-fever, salmonella and campylobacteriosis.

Squirrels can be a significant problem for your home or business, as they are an invasive species that can cause extensive damage. Suppose you’re dealing with a squirrel Barton on Irwell Squirrel Controlinfestation. In that case, it’s vital to choose experts like Barton on Irwell Squirrel Pest Control. They have the experience and knowledge to get the job done quickly and effectively. Don’t try to take care of the infestation yourself using DIY products- this could end up causing more damage in the long run. Instead, contact Barton on Irwell Squirrel trapping today for a consultation, and let us help you get rid of those pesky squirrels!