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Atherton Woodworm Treatment Specialists

Woodworm damage can destroy items that are most precious to you and your home or business. Unfortunately, most people are unaware they have a woodworm infestation until the worst happens and their furniture crumbles around them. Various wood-boring beetles are on the rise, and it is essential to learn the facts if you feel you could be in jeopardy. This is especially essential if you consider investing in second-hand furniture or equally expensive items that could have an attachment to these tiny beetles and their appetite for wood and creating havoc.

Signs of trouble

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingDon't let their size fool you. These pests enjoy nibbling wood and furniture of all shapes and sizes. They can be found hidden inside or externally and spread fast, developing from larvae into a fully grown pest. So keep an Atherton woodworm removal treatment spray close.

  • The most recognizable sign to look out for is small holes. They nibble their way quickly through their chosen object, and that is what shows up. It can't be missed, so look around and search carefully.
  • They do enjoy the light with no fear, so chances are any furniture facing a bright window or sunshine could get their attention.
  • If you notice your floorboards, chairs, or table legs getting weaker, this is a significant sign.

Inquiring about treatment for woodworm removal is necessary with professionals such as Young's pest control.

Different pests

If any potential threats are noticeable such as weakening furniture, mysterious holes, or even eggs, then Atherton woodworm treatment furniture services are essential. Certain types of beetle-like specific wood. For example, sea captains have noticed on boats an increase in dry rot. The deathwatch beetle causes this. However, the biggest threat to homes and businesses all across the United Kingdom is the common furniture beetle, so chances are if you have woodworm infestation, then that is what you are dealing with.

The seasons

Woodworm can be a threat any time of the year h. Howeverhere are a specific few months when their numbers do increase and threats are on the rise. Getting Atherton woodworm treatment furniture spray around May to October during this rise is a good plan. Avoid buying over the counter products as they can lead to further damage to your products. GeInstead, gett sorted in half with time with less expense with the experts.

The result

holzwurmAll it takes is a quick phone call and an explanation to the professionals about your situation. They will go through the treatment for the woodworm process with you, such as Atherton woodworm treatment spray. Then, both of you can arrange a time that suits them to clear them out. Look out for any dead beetles when you are doing your daily cleaning. Sometimes can go ununnoticedhen mess and dirt start to pile up. Make the phone call and get it sorted in a day.