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Professional Atherton Mole Trapping to Rid your Garden of Moles

Mole moundMany people take pride in the grounds around their property and will look to create an attractive appearance using lawns and flower beds. However, if moles take up residence, this attractive appearance can quickly be ruined. These pests can do a lot of damage as they go about their daily business, and mole control by a professional trapper is the best way to get rid of them. Young’s Pest Control has workers available that are trained for the job of Atherton mole trapping, and our assistance can help get your garden looking back to its best again.

Mole Basics

The common European mole can also be known as the garden mole. It is a solitary creature and, apart from mating time, will spend much of the year on its own. They typically grow to around 15cm in length and are recognisable for the velvety appearance of their fur and the palm-like front feet that are well adapted for digging. When they move into an area, they will create a network of tunnels for travelling around and feeding, and if Atherton mole trapping and control are not put in place, this can grow to cover large areas.

Mole Signs

Mole in a molehillMoles spend much of their life underground, and because they rarely come to the surface, it is unlikely they will be seen. They leave plenty of evidence of their presence, though, and some of the common signs to look out for include the following.

  • Molehills: these are mounds of earth pushed to the surface as tunnels are dug.
  • Distinctive Ridges: these are signs of tunnels that lie just below the surface of the ground.
  • Plant Damage: the tunnelling of moles can damage the roots of plants and flowers. This can lead to poor growth or plants dying.

Atherton Mole Trapping

The network of tunnels a mole creates can extend over large areas, and it can be challenging to determine precisely where to place the mole pest control for it to be effective. This means that using a professional Atherton mole trapping service offers the best chance of success. They have the training and experience to understand this pest's habits, which enables them to put in place accurately targeted mole control that will be effective. Young’s Pest Control has the expertise to carry out this type of work, and we can assist anyone with problems with moles. Our phone lines and email messaging system are always open, so get in touch to discuss your requirements and take advantage of our mole pest control service.