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Atherton Bed Bug Treatment Specialists

Bed bug control is vital when you have a bedbug infestation. Atherton bed bug treatment can include removal and fumigation of the pests. Ignoring this problem only makes it worse rapidly. Inexperienced do it yourself jobs can appear to work, but when the next round of eggs hatch, the problem will be twice-fold what it originally was, and professional bed bug fumigation will be what's required. Young's Pest Control is a professional company that treats bed bug removal, offers bed bug fumigation and bed bug control.

Atherton Bed Bug Treatment

Treatment can be complex because bedbugs are tiny and can survive harsh temperatures, and even being locked inside plastic cases for very long periods. Small insects, the signs you will need a bed bug removal can be subtle:

It might be a bedbug if. . .

  • bedbugYou find them in night tables, headboards, and beds
  • Egg clusters are present - stuck to surfaces with a clear sticky residue
  • Blood spots on the bed
  • Faecal matter the size of pepper
  • They only come out at night

Bed Bugs Are Stubborn

  • Hide in crevices by day and feed at night
  • Feed on human blood just before sunrise
  • Crawl up to 100 feet to get a meal
  • Females can lay 1-5 eggs every day
  • Bedbug babies need food (your blood) every five to ten days

Where Do Bedbugs Go?

  • Bed BugYour bed - body heat
  • Your pets - body heat and blood
  • Bed frames, headboard crevices
  • In mattress seams and cracks
  • Carpets
  • Skirting boards
  • Between timber floorboards
  • Cracked or broken plaster
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Electrical sockets/fittings
  • Drawers and cupboards
  • Wardrobes
  • Bedrooms and sleeping areas

Bed Bug Spread

Bedbugs can be carried on clothing or in luggage or furniture. They are just 5mm at the largest. Second-hand furniture can be a home for bed bugs, notably fabrics and mattresses. A hotel can carry a bed bug infestation, and you may not realize it. Upon returning home, you may be bringing bed bugs in with your luggage. Well, interred bed bug infestations can end up in adjoining properties via wall or floor cavities.

This is a problem you need help in treating and preventing from returning. So call Young's Pest Control today!