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Professional Atherton Ant Infestation Removal

Ants are small social insects with distinctive narrow waists and elbowed antennae. They live in colonies that can contain several hundred to many thousand female workers. Usually, the settlement will also have at least one fertile queen who may live up to 15 years. Males and new queens are only produced at certain times of the year.

The ant life cycle stages:

Black garden ant species Lasius niger- Eggs (develop into females when fertilized and into males when not)
- White, maggot-like larvae that go through several moults
- Pupae
- Adults (Males and new queens will have wings)

There are about 50 ant species in the UK, with the highest concentration in the warmest parts of the country. Most ants are beneficial scavengers, but some are considered pests. Species that often become targets of Atherton ant infestation removal include:

- Garden ant (Lasius niger)
- Pharaoh's ant (Monomorium pharaonis)
- Pavement ant (Tetramorium caespitum)

Ant infestation problems

Black worker ants dragging vegetation to the colonyAnts can become a problem if their colonies are located near human habitation. Atherton ant infestation removal may be needed in the garden as ants can cause damage to flowers and crops. They may do this by disturbing the soil around the plant roots while building their nests or protecting aphids and other sap-feeding insects from their natural predators (the ants 'farm' aphids for honeydew). Some ants will also eat ripe fruits.

Ant infestation in a house can be particularly disruptive, as the ants can damage structures and spoil food. The garden ants are especially attracted to sweet food items, while the Pharaoh's ants prefer high-protein foods. Some ants will also bite or sting, and it's possible to develop a sensitivity to ant venom.

Flying ant control

Flying ants are the new queens and males that have left an established nest. These winged ants will mate during a nuptial flight, after which the male ants die, and the fertilized queens will land to start new colonies. Environmental cues synchronize the emergence of the flying ants, which may suddenly appear in large numbers. The sheer number of flying ants can be alarming to some people.

Professional Atherton ant infestation removal

Ant infestation in a house is different from a flying ant infestation. An expert will know how to treat the problem best, safely and effectively, as most DIY pesticide and ant powders can be harmful to pets and kids who curiously investigate the pesticides laid for the ants. The location of the problem and the species will also need to be considered for an effective Atherton ant infestation removal. Young's Pest Control professionals will always choose the best combination of ant control methods for outstanding results.