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It's no secret that squirrels can be a nuisance. These animalsSquirrel Control treatment are known for their destructive behaviour, and they can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Not only do squirrels wreak havoc on property, but they also spread diseases and pests. This article post discusses squirrels' disastrous effects on our environment and why they should be exterminated immediately. 

These rodents also carry parasites and can be a health hazard to humans, whether or not they actually transmit the viruses they have. These diseases include tularemia, typhus, plague, and ringworm:

- Leptospirosis

- Hantavirus

- Lyme disease

- Tularemia

Squirrels have been found to carry a large number of diseases Squirrel Control treatmentthat can be transmitted to humans. In one study, researchers analyzed the genomes of squirrel poxviruses and their relatives to understand better these organisms and how they infect humans. This study showed that certain types of squirrel poxviruses have an increased risk for human infection - especially those with hemorrhagic or neurological symptoms. Squirrel poxvirus infections are not typically life-threatening, but they do cause a wide range of symptoms from disfiguring facial lesions, fever, muscle pain and headaches.

Squirrels tear apart trees to find food, shelter and a place for their young. This kind of behaviour is damaging because squirrels are one of many natural predators that keep tree populations in check. Squirrels also strip away bark from young trees, which causes severe damage over time. In addition, they will gnaw through tree branches which can weaken trees and cause them to break apart during windy periods.

Larger tree species are particularly vulnerable to squirrel damage because they cannot grow quickly enough to produceGrey Squirrel control new branches that are out of reach for hungry rodents. Squirrels have even been known to chew on the bark of older trees with protective rubber casing around them - causing severe damage! This type of behaviour is harmful and poses a safety risk for people living near the damaged trees.

These pests will try to get into your property predominantly through your roof using tree ranches to get on it. They will look for weak spots and further damage them to make an entrance. They like areas like your attic and will chew into the beams causing the structure to weaken. This is just a start as they can chew on electrical wiring leading to fires, and with all that wood around, I'm sure you can imagine how fast fires can spread.

They are usually found in a whole host of places. However, they prefer lofts, floorboards, insulation trees, sheds, garages, and fascia boards.

These creatures are most active in the day around dawn and dusk, but if food is scarce, they will come out in the night. The breeding cycle is between February and August, with up to 6 babies per litter.

Squirrels are very territorial and will fight each other if they feel another has invaded their area. As a result, they can spread serious diseases and parasites such as fleas, mites, ticks and ringworm.

The best way to eliminate these creatures is an early detection system since squirrels have a gestation period of just 44 days, so treatment has to be rapid for the best results.

On the market, there are many products that claim to get rid of squirrels. However, it's essential to know the difference Squirrel Controlbetween DIY and professional pest control. To learn more about squirrel control or what our service entails, please get in touch with youngs Squirrel Control today! We offer free quotes for all customers who want to learn more about how we work. You should never use DIY products when trying to eliminate an infestation on your property because these don't hold up against professionals like Astley grey Squirrel Trapping.