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Professional Altrincham Mole Trapping

Moles are small mammals adapted to living underground, where they forage for worms and other small invertebrates. They are widespread throughout Britain, and the species most often encountered in urban areas is the common mole (Talpa Europaea). These territorial animals use their robust and shovel-like front limbs to create an extensive network of tunnels through the soil where they live alone or in a family group. As a result, they become a problematic pest when they move into public or private lawns, gardens, and sports grounds, necessitating efficient Altrincham mole trapping and control.

The trouble with molehills

Mole moundThe most visible sign of mole infestation - the unsightly molehills - can appear any time of year, though most often, this happens in late winter or spring when the moles are most active. The molehills are how the moles remove the excavated soil from the tunnels. Moles can burrow up to 100 meters per night, and many molehills can appear surprisingly quickly. Furrows may also occur if heavy rain causes tunnels running close to the surface to collapse. Due to the speed at which the moles can create tunnels, it's a good idea to arrange for Altrincham mole trapping and control at the first sign of trouble. Simply dealing with the molehills as they appear will not help.

Other possible problems

Moles can cause other problems apart from spoiling the look of lawns through molehills and furrows. These include:

- damage to newly planted seedlings and small plants through soil disturbance
- weed invasion through the exposure of soil
- make mowing difficult
- damage to machinery through exposed stones
- provide access to other pests such as weasels and rats to enclosed areas through the tunnels

The importance of professional mole control

Mole in a molehillOnce established, moles can be very difficult to get rid of, and professional Altrincham mole trapping and control is strongly recommended if there are signs of an infestation on your property. For Altrincham mole trapping to be effective, the actively used part of the burrow needs to be accurately identified and the trap set up correctly - Young's Pest Control can do this for you in a fast and efficient manner. Using professional mole pest control also ensures that the infestation is treated thoroughly. Young's Pest Control will perform the Altrincham mole trapping carefully, ensuring that every last pest is removed in case the network of tunnels is occupied by a family instead of a solitary mole.