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Professional Altrincham Grey Squirrel Control

Grey squirrel pestSquirrels are medium-sized rodents that mainly live in the ground and trees. There are two squirrel species in the UK; the red and grey squirrel. The red squirrel was the native one, but it is slowly becoming extinct. The grey squirrels were first introduced to the UK in the 19th century. They are quickly replacing the red squirrels.

Where grey squirrels live

Grey squirrels are tenacious and bold and live in trees and open ground. They multiply rapidly and live for longer due to their great survival tactics. As a result, they are forced to look for shelter elsewhere. Today, they can be found in outbuildings, roof spaces, attics, and lofts, among other places.

Signs of grey squirrel infestation

A squirrel on your property could be a sign of infestation. They also make a lot of noise, and you will notice an increased racket in your property or loft. Torn up insulation, leaves, twigs, stripped-down pine cones, half-eaten nuts/seeds, and droppings are also signs of infestation.

Why Altrincham grey squirrel control is necessary

When you discover squirrels on your property, immediate squirrel removal is necessary due to the following reasons:

Grey squirrel close upThey breed rapidly and can, therefore, become a nuisance in your home and garden.
• They gnaw on everything and have been known to strip insulation cables leading to fires.
• Their noises and droppings are irritating.
• They can attack and bite humans when frightened or cornered.
• They eat crops in the garden and steal birdseed.
• They remove tree barks to construct nests, thus destroying the trees.
• Their fleas can pass on to humans and domestic pests.

Why do it yourself? Grey squirrel control is not enough

Carrying out squirrel removal on your own could be an exercise in futility. Firstly, these rodents increase rapidly, and you could, therefore, underestimate their numbers. They live in trees, the ground, and even inside buildings, so it is difficult to identify all their nests. In addition, trapping these hardy creatures is an uphill task for homeowners.

Why you should use professional Altrincham grey squirrel control

Professional Altrincham grey squirrel control includes identifying and tackling the root cause of the problem. These professionals use safe and efficient methods to get rid of the squirrels. They have the necessary materials, equipment, expertise, and experience to remove these creatures safely. In addition, they use several methods of squirrel proofing to ensure that there is no future infestation.

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