Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50


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Safe Altrincham BumbleBee Control

As summer reaches its Bumble Bee on flowerpeak, bumblebees become a frequently sighted addition to many people's gardens and homes. To have these bumblebee nests safely removed from your property, you need to call an Altrincham bumble bee control professional. A bumblebee control specialist will be able to safely and efficiently remove the nest from the property.

Increasing Numbers Of Tree Bumblebees

Tree bumblebees are likely to be especially problematic this summer. The tree bumblebees first arrived in the UK from continental Europe around 13 years ago. They have quickly spread throughout the United Kingdom and in England, Wales, and Southern Scotland. The black body and whitetail can identify the tree bumblebee.

Where Tree BumbleBees Can Be Found

The tree bumblebee is prone to nesting in bird boxes, which can be a problem for gardeners. One of the critical issues with the tree bumblebee is that they are resistant to the nematode worm parasites. This parasite can kill bumblebees that are native to the United Kingdom and consequently control their numbers. This has allowed the colonization and spread of the tree bumblebee to occur at a very rapid pace. The tree bumblebee also competes with other beneficial insects, including native bumblebees, for resources.

Why bumblebees can be a problem

Bumblebees are Bumble Beenot usually aggressive. However, if their nest is harmed or needs to be defended, they will sting in its defence. While bumblebees do not pose the risk of wasps, they can still be a nuisance around the garden. They pose a particular threat to people who may be allergic to the sting of the bumblebee. Both the worker and Queen bumblebee can sting. Children are more prone to being stung than adults. It is estimated that one in every 150 children will be exposed to a life-threatening systematic reaction to insect stings. If someone does suffer an allergic reaction to being stung, they need to receive medical treatment immediately.

Altrincham bumble bee control specialists have personal protective equipment and equipment to ensure that the nest is removed from the property without endangering anyone. All Altrincham Bumblebee removals are guaranteed, and so it is not removed on the first visit. The second visit by the Altrincham bumble bee control specialists will be free. A bumblebee removal service can identify all of the bumblebee nests on the property so that the infestation is eliminated.