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The Merits of Professional Altrincham Ant Infestation Removal

There are tens of endemic and introduced ant species in the UK. The diversity and size of these species are largely dependent on the soil temperature. Lasius niger (black garden ant) and Myrmica Rubra are the most common ant species in the UK, covering most of the country.

Why Fight Ant Infestation?

Black worker ants dragging vegetation to the colony• You should get professional Altrincham ant infestation removal because some ants have painful bites. Bites by some ants lead to allergic reactions, with symptoms including chest pains, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, hives, and swelling of the tongue and throat. It is particularly important that households that have kids and/or pets do ant control.

• Ants contaminate food and water supplies, making such supplies useless. They are also appetite killers.

• You should do ant control to avoid embarrassing moments when you have guests around given that most people associate ants and other pests with untidiness.

• An ant infestation in your yard will prevent you from enjoying outdoor activities.

• Some ant species (such as carpenter ants) cause damage to property by hollowing out space in wood while others kill grass and other plants by eating their roots. Yet others damage paved areas by removing sand.

Ants live in colonies. As an example, Lasius niger lives in colonies of between 4,000 and 7,000 on average. A single ant may not cause much damage, but a whole colony could cause great devastation.

Why Hire a Professional for Altrincham Ant Infestation Removal?

At Young’s Pest Control, we recommend that you hire us for Altrincham ant infestation removal because:

Black garden ant species Lasius niger1) Our exterminators have the training, experience, equipment, and supplies necessary for the job. Not having to buy personal protective equipment and supplies mean you actually save money when you hire us to fight ant infestation in the house.

2) Some ant infestations (such as flying ant infestation) are difficult and time consuming to deal with. If you choose to do flying Altrincham ant infestation removal, you could interfere with your work and social life.

3) You will save money on insecticides when you hire us since we take care of the root of the problem (as opposed to insecticides that only treat the symptoms).

4) If there is a need for an insecticide-based ant treatment, you should hire us because we have the necessary personal protective equipment. Never attempt to do ant treatment yourself because you could inhale contaminated air and the insecticides could contaminate your food and water supply.

5) We will give you tips on how to prevent a future ant infestation in the house.