Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Alkrington Bumblebee hive removal  

Bumblebees are common in most of the UK. Unlike honey bees, they can sting you multiplebumblebee times, injecting venom with each sting and often, once other Bumblebees have seen you getting stung, they will also follow the others and sting in defence of their nest; this can be especially dangerous to pets or even your kids playing around the garden that is why it is imperative to have them eradicated from areas around your home because when a Bumblebees nest is disturbed, it can act very aggressively. 

Bumblebees are a nesting species; they nest in compost piles as well as in the ground. They can even be nested inside sheds or their contents, such as old rolled-up rugs or even your home insulation and any cavities. But, in general, they nest almost everywhere around the house.

Bumblebees can live for up to 9 months, although their lifespan may be shorter in colder climates. Each year, a new nest is formed; the young queens hibernate in their first winter and then restart nests in the spring.

The different types of Bumblebees

The Redtail bee, also known as Bombus lapidarius, is a species of bumblebee found in Europe. These bees get their name from the red-coloured band on the abdomen. The Redtail bee nests in the ground, and the female builds the nest.

The Tree Bee, Bombus hypnorum, is a species oftree bumblebee bumblebee found in Europe and North America. They get their name from the fact that they often nest in trees. The Tree Bee is around 12-15 mm long and has a black body with a yellow band on the thorax. They are social bees and live in approximately 50-500 bees.

The bilberry bumblebee, Bombus monticola, Bumblebees. Black thoraxes usually have some orange stripes, while the undersides of the abdomen tend to be white. It nests in open areas near low-growing shrubs and plants, such as bilberry trees.

Bumblebees can be roughly divided into two types based on their behaviour: social and solitary. The vast majority of bumblebees are social, meaning that they live in colonies with a queen and worker bees. As the name suggests, Solitary bumblebees live alone and do not have a queen.

Social bumblebees form colonies of between 50 and 400 bees. The queen is the only female laying eggs in a settlement, and her worker daughters surround her. Worker bees are sterile females who perform all the hive duties, such as foraging for food, building wax cells, and caring for the young. Males (drones) are produced late in the season, and their only job is to mate with young queens.

Solitary bumblebees (and some social species such as "Bombus Wilmette") have small colonies containing between 8 and 50 bees through the spring and summer; each autumn, the colony dies, and only the newly fertilised queen survives over winter. 

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