Woolton Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Woolton Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Agecroft BumbleBee nest removal  

Bumblebees are a significant danger to your family as they are known to sting multiple times,Agecroft tree bumblebee and individuals with allergies to bee venom can go into anaphylactic shock; thus, these pests need to be kept away from the family. However, suppose you need to get rid of Bumblebees near your home or office. Contacting a professional Bumblebee exterminator is essential. They will be able to remove the nest and prevent any further damage safely. Agecroft Bumblebee hive removal is the best way to get rid of Bumble Bees.

Bumblebees build nests in greenhouses, roof spaces, trees, and lofts. These are just a few common places they live during the spring and summer months. Bumblebees like to make their homes in lofts where insulation retains heat during the winter months. Since Bumblebees get their energy from nectar and pollen, they will live near plants providing food. Bumblebees build nests that aren't bigger than a football and can house up to 1,000 workers at one time.

What are Bumblebees?

Bumblebees (Bombus hortorum) are a non-native species of bee that was first found in the United Kingdom. Humans accidentally introduced them since they used them for greenhouse crops. Bumblebees produce about 200 young each season and form new hives whenever their population becomes too large for their current home. Agecroft Bumblebee hive removal is possible with professional Bumblebee exterminators who can safely remove the Bumblebee nests.

Bumblebees are generally furry, yellow and black insects. The queen is the only Bumblebee that can lay eggs. She is larger than the workers and has a longer abdomen. 

Common types of Bumblebee in the UK 

Bombus hypnorum, also known as the treeAgecroft bumblebee bee, is a European bumblebee. Besides its black and yellow stripes, it has a long tongue with which it captures nectar from flowers. The tree bee is sociable and lives in colonies with up to a couple of hundred bees. It lives off nectar and pollen.

Carder bees are also known as the Bumblebee or Bombus pascuorum, is a species of Bumblebee that is found all over Europe and Asia. Black and ginger bodies are the characteristic features of this species of Bumblebee, while the head is golden. The common carder bee is social and lives in large colonies that can house hundreds of bees. It feeds on nectar and pollen.

The red tail bee, also known as the lapidaries bee, is a species of Bumblebee that is endemic to Europe. This species is easily recognized by its bright red tail, which is used as a warning signal to other bees. The red tail bee is a social bee and lives in colonies of up to 500. 

If you've had any experience with bees, it is likely that they are not something you want to mess around with. Their sting can be painful, and their hives are difficult to remove without the right Agecroft bumblebee controlknowledge or tools. We offer professional Bumblebee hive removal services at Agecroft, so if these insects have invaded your home, call us today--we'll help rid your property of them! It is essential that homeowners feel safe in their own homes, which is why you should only use experts like ourselves who have extensive training and years of experience to get rid of bumblebees.