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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems

A grey squirrel can often be found in cities and towns. Their numbers have been on the rise, especially in urban areas whereAdswood grey squirrel they can find plenty of food sources to survive. They're also known for causing damage to property because their front teeth never stop growing. They gnaw on things to keep them sharp, which sometimes means they will go through telephone wires or even electrical cables, costing you thousands in the process. These creatures can damage your roof by trying to get into your attic, and once they are in, they will strip wood and other materials to build their nest.

If you spot a nest, it is important not to try and remove it yourself because if there are still babies in it, the damage a mother can do in trying to get to her young can be disastrous and thus, a professional squirrel control service will be required first to assess what needs to be done then Adswood Squirrel Pest Control can start sorting your issue out accordingly.

Grey squirrels can be found year-round, but they are more active in the summer. Breeding occurs twice a year, and they may have up to six young. The average life span is around six years, but they can live up to twelve. They are not aggressive unless they feel threatened. They are excellent climbers and can swim too.

Adswood Squirrel ControlThe squirrel is one of the most successful animals in Britain today. Once found only in large country houses, it has adapted perfectly to life in towns and cities, where food is plentiful and few predators. However, grey squirrels are now the main problem in rural areas as they out-compete red squirrels for food and habitat.

What do grey squirrels look like?

Grey squirrels are typically light brown or grey in colour, with black markings on their heads and backs. They have bushy tails and large eyes.

Where are they found?

Grey squirrels are native to Asia but have invaded most ofAdswood Squirrel Control treatment northern Europe and North America. That said, they are not so far beyond their northern range limits in the UK. Indeed recent sightings have been made as far north as Glasgow! Given that greys can now be found at elevations above 200m in many places, they are no longer confined to parks or large gardens within southern England either. Greys have travelled into Berkshire from the west.

These creatures cost the UK economy around 50 million each year. They also impact global warming because they strip bark from trees, often killing the tree or obscuring their growth, which has a ripple effect.

When do they breed, and how many times a year do they reproduce?

Usually, the female gives birth to two litters per year, in early spring and summer. Blind and hairless newborn squirrels are born in litters of three to four, with a gestation period of 44 days. Lactation can last up to 10 weeks, but youngsters start receiving solid food around eight weeks. They can breed at 10-12 months old.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Squirrel Control Expert: Adswood Squirrel Pest Control is a professional squirrel control Adswood Squirrel Control treatmentservice that has been in the industry for many years. We have extensive experience in Adswood squirrel trapping and other pest control services. Getting rid of squirrels is a job that needs an expert who knows what they're doing. Taking care of the problem yourself with DIY products can be dangerous and may not permanently solve the issue. Plus, if you do something wrong or use the wrong product, you could end up making the situation worse.