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Winsford Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm refers to the larva/grub of a beetle infesting the woodwork found in the furniture or the construction of the house. The beetles can be of different species, found in different places around the world. The most common beetles laying eggs in the woodwork in the UK are Deathwatch Beetle, Common Furniture Beetle, Powder Post Beetle, and House Longhorn Beetle.

The life cycle of the beetle

Woodworm larvaeUnderstanding how woodworm work and how it gets into the woodwork in the first place is vital. 

-> First, the female beetle lays eggs on the wood within the cracks and crevices in it. These eggs settle snugly into the wood.

-> After some time, the eggs hatch and produce the larvae. This larva does the most damage, and hence, this is the stage that destroys the furniture and the timber. During this stage, the larvae eat into the wood, causing enormous damage. This phase lasts for around five years, giving it plenty of time to destroy the woodwork.

-> Once the larvae grow into fully grown beetles, they eat their way out of the wood, leaving gaping holes behind them. 

Signs of a woodworm infestation

Worm holes-> When the wooden surfaces of the timber or the furniture show large round or oval holes. 

-> If the edges of the wooden boards are crumbly and appear worn-out.

-> Powdery dust, also known as frass, is found randomly near wooden furniture or timber.

-> The presence of adult beetles inside the house means that there is a woodworm problem somewhere.

Conditions required for woodworm infestation

-> High moisture content in the atmosphere is generally the most suitable condition for woodworm to breed. 

-> Lack of ventilation 

-> Cracks and crevices in the wooden boards and furniture where the female beetle can lay her eggs. Without these imperfections in the wood, the beetle would not lay her eggs.

-> Use of animal products in making the furniture. This gives protein nourishment to the larvae.

Winsford woodworm treatment and prevention

Woodworm treatment is important, as is prevention. There are many different forms of Winsford woodworm treatment. Still, it is best to call in a qualified pest control company, who will be able to assess the damage correctly, identify the type of larvae, and accordingly carry out a pest control treatment. Though one can successfully keep woodworm at bay with Winsford woodworm treatment spray and other such devices, only a skilled and trained person can handle most infestation cases.

The first step to carrying out a successful treatment for woodworm is to identify the species since the treatment varies slightly for different species. Once this is done, then the actual work starts, which can be done in different ways.

-> Woodworm treatment spray

-> Water-based treatment: This refers to a solution that is put inside the wood, stopping further decay and removing all infestation, as well as preventing it.

-> Fumigation: This effectively removes the insects in all the stages of infestation.