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Professional Winsford Mole Trapping

Moles characteristically live in holes that they create under the ground, which means that people do not usually see them, even if the moles are on their property. Not a lot is known about the habits and preferences of moles because they are very shy animals. However, thirty different species of moles have been identified to date in Europe. If moles are cornered, they have been known to defend themselves by attacking humans and other animals. Therefore, those who find moles on their property should not try to deal with the problem and contact a mole pest control expert instead.

Information on the Common Mole

The type of mole that is usually found in Europe is called Talpa Europaea. This mole species is small with dark brown to black fur and mainly eats earthworms. However, it is also fond of dog food.

Why You Need Mole Control 

Full size moleThe small moles make them look cute and friendly, and many people may be reluctant to get rid of them if they discover moles in their garden. Some people have even attempted to keep moles as pets. However, these are wild animals and cannot be tamed. In addition, they cause a lot of damage to the garden through digging tunnels, and it is easy for young children to fall into these holes when playing in the garden. 

How to Detect a Mole Infestation

The simplest way to distinguish that you have a mole living in your garden is from the piles of dirt that they leave behind. These piles of dirt are called molehills and resemble a volcano.

About Winsford Mole Trapping

Mole in a molehillWinsford mole trapping should only ever be done by a pest control expert, who will place a special mole trap in the garden areas where mole runs and hills can be found. The pest control expert will then use a trowel to open up the mill run and gently but firmly remove the mole. It can then be located in a safe place where it will not cause property damage.

If you find moles or any other unwanted animals anywhere in or around your home, you mustn't attempt to remove the pests yourself. Young’s Pest Control team offers professional mole pest control methods such as Winsford mole trapping to rectify the problem swiftly and efficiently. Our team will carry out a survey of your property and agree on the reason for the problem before commencing mole control. Simply call us today to make an appointment.