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Mouse No More with Professional Winsford Mice Control

Why can a single mouse be called a mice infestation?

A single mouse can be called a mice infestation because others are definitely nearby where one mouse likes to be seen. A 25-gram female mouse can have up to 4-16 babies per litter and seven or eight litters per year. On the low end of the scale, that's 32 babies for one mouse. Then you must multiply that by, at the low end of the scale, 3 grown mice to get a potential total of 100 mice inside one house. A single mouse infestation? Sorry, it doesn't work that way. You are going to need Winsford mice control.

Family Mouse?

Winsford mice controlMice live together in groups with 3-5 females and one male. Therefore, only Winsford mice control can stop them from furiously breeding and having litter after litter. This is particularly true because, at ten weeks, the 'baby' mouse can breed more mice. Therefore, mouse removal is the only way to take back your home or automobile, carport, office, etc.

How Does Young's Pest Control Come Into The Picture?

You pick up the phone. You dial, we answer. It doesn't matter if it's after working hours. We are here for you 24/7 because mice infestation issues don't wait until business hours. We want to help you as quickly as possible - Winsford mice control is our everyday business.

What Foods Do They Like?

Mouse control experts like us can say reliably that mice will eat flour, seeds, chocolate, fats (butter, oil, etc.), meat-based food, and cereal foods. They'll keep eating until they've eaten between 1/5 and 1/6 of their own body weight (3-4 grams) daily.

But They're Cute!

No, not really. One reason they are not cute is that they are not sanitary:

  • Eat, urinate, and leave droppings anywhere they go
  • Carry and transfer diseases
  • Can carry and transfer parasites, worms, and more to people and pets
  • Responsible for the Bubonic plague as well as spreading salmonella, hantavirus, Lyme disease, Weil's disease, typhoid, dysentery, rat-bite fever, foot and mouth, lymphatic meningitis, scrub typhus, murine typhus

Another reason mice are not cute is because they cause damage:

  • House mouse, Mus domesticusTo keep teeth filed must chew a great deal of the time, regardless of what object they may chew
  • Electrical fire risk
  • Internet cables
  • Telephone wires
  • Water, sewer, plastic pipes
  • Automobile battery cable connectors
  • Automobile safety cables and computer wires
  • Secondary pests and infections - food stores went bad
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Walls, cupboards, and wood
  • Food packages and contents

Please do not wait until you are stepping in mouse droppings or throwing out food which would have been perfectly fine had mice not gotten into it. Don't put yourself, your pets, family, and visitors at risk of serious and life-threatening diseases. If you have trouble sleeping at night because you know that you have mice and they may be getting into your electrical wiring, do something about it now. It's just not practical to try DIY mouse removal or mouse control when you can ring up the best - Young's Pest Control.