Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Professional Winsford BumbleBee Control

Don't risk a sting, allergic reaction or another injury by tackling bumble bee removal without training and safety equipment, and don't risk having the problem come back by attempting a Winsford bumblebee nest removal with commercial products or DIY methods. Save time and energy and keep things safe by calling Young's Pest Control and taking advantage of their 24-hour availability and great prices on Winsford bumble bee control services.

Why Control BumbleBees?

Bumblebees are an important part of nature and don't cause problems as often as some other pests like wasps and ants, but when they do turn into pests they can cause serious issues. People with allergies to bee venom already know that the bumblebee can be a serious health risk, and anyone who has been stung by a bee knows it's an experience not to be repeated, even if allergies aren't an issue.  Recently tree bumblebees have come over from Europe and are more aggressive and likely to sting than other species of bumblebee. Tree bumblebees are also more likely to take advantage of vents, attic spaces and other spots in man-made structures, bringing them into closer contact with people and increasing the chance of a sting. Any species of bumblebee that nests in a building can cause damage in the area they build their nest, create an annoying amount of noise with their constant buzzing and create a fire hazard if they block hot air vents.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Bumble Bee on flowerMany do-it-yourself methods for bumble bee removal are only safe and effective for people who already have bee handling knowledge or pest control experience, and are dangerous for the average person. Not only do the odds of getting stung increase, but depending on the location of the nest and type of treatment Winsford bumble bee control may also involve a risk of falling, being otherwise injured or being exposed to poisonous fumes from insecticide treatments. In addition, it can be hard to be certain that the queen is taken care of and the colony won't just come back.

Young's Pest Control employs highly trained and skilled staff who can determine which Winsford bumble bee control method is best and carry it out effectively. Safety and insecticide training eliminates most of the risk that the average person would face, and experience and customer service ensures the job gets done correctly as soon as possible.