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Wilmslow Grey Squirrel Control

The Problem Of Grey Squirrels

You may think that calling a squirrel a pest sounds ludicrous after seeing the happy, cute creatures peacefully play in the park, climbing up trees, collecting acorns and looking like they wouldn't hurt a fly. However, they have become a huge problem in the UK as they invade several homes and cause many problems that mean squirrel removal is essential. The Wilmslow grey squirrel control should always be carried out by a professional because they will get the job done quickly and efficiently, and squirrels can also be quite dangerous and have been known to attack humans when they are backed into a corner or feel scared and vulnerable.

Why Is Wilmslow Grey Squirrel Control Such A Problem?

French fry eating squirrelThe problem arises from the fact that there has been a rapid increase in the breeding rates of the grey squirrels over the past few years, which has meant that their numbers have simply never been higher. The dwindling supply of natural habitat here in the UK doesn't help either. The UK is a very densely populated country, with not much woodland compared to many other countries, like the USA.

The problem is extended. Once they have been successfully removed from a property, their nature comes back because they are creatures of habit. This problem mainly arises from removing the squirrels yourself and not using a professional, who would normally put in place measures to make sure that the squirrels do not return. Professional Wilmslow grey squirrel control, from a team, like Young's pest control, based in Manchester, is simply the only way to go for effective and efficient Wilmslow grey squirrel removal.

What Damage Do They Cause?

Grey squirrel close upWilmslow grey squirrel control is needed to get rid of squirrels because they can cause a lot of damage to your home due to their razor-sharp and durable teeth that mean they can pretty much gnaw through anything.

They can chew things like personal possessions and ruin them, which can cause harm because of the sentimental value and be very costly to replace. The worst thing they can chew through, though, is the electrical wiring in your house. Not only can this seriously mess up your electricity and mean you have to pay to have it fixed, but it is also a big fire hazard.