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Professional Wilmslow Flea Treatment

Why it is Important to Use Our Professional Pest Control Services

The most commonly found pests in the UK and around Europe are actually fleas. Young's Pest Treatment Service offers a wide range of solutions regarding damages and health problems caused by pests that invade your home. All you need to do is contact us, and we will be more than willing to assist you in getting rid of those pests.

Why it is important to control infected fleas
Cat and dog fleas
Flea infestation in most UK homes is actually one of the dangerous aspects, especially for families who own pets. This is because they affect not only those pets you own but also the people around them.

The length of adult fleas is 2mm; their colour varies from greyish to dark brown, and they are also wingless. They are perfectly adapted to their lifestyle in that:

Their ‘armour’ protects them from being squashed easily
They have a narrow body which enables them to move very quickly among the feathers or hairs of their hosts.

However, this does not stop us from getting rid of these pests as we have many Wilmslow flea treatment methods, such as flea fumigation, for instance, to curb this flea infestation problem.

Fleas that are commonly found in the UK are of three types. They include; the dog flea, the cat flea (most commonly found in Britain), and the human flea, although this one is rare. Another type of flea is the rat flea known as Nosopsyllus Fasciatus, which also infests other animals such as voles and mice.

Damage that fleas are capable of causing
Wilmslow flea treatment in infested surroundings is essential because fleas are capable of causing itchiness, biting people and not forgetting the unpleasant pain. Their bites are mostly seen as small dark red spots surrounded by reddened areas on the host. These bites may irritate for some days, and in other cases, people become extremely sensitive to them. Fleas may also lead to loss of hair, frequent biting and scratching the bitten area. This can also lead to anaemia in extreme cases, hence the urgency of Wilmslow flea treatment.

Diseases spread by fleas.
If Wilmslow flea treatment has not been carried out in infested areas, diseases will arise. Some of these diseases include the following:

FleaThe most common infection spread by these fleas is known as a plague caused by a bacterial species called Y. pestis.
These pests also transmit rural epidemic typhus as they are common vectors for murine typhus, especially where flee treatment has been ignored for some time.
Fleas are also hosting helminths: Hymenolepis diminuta and Dipylidium caninum, respectively, parasites of rats and carnivores.
Additionally, fleas can cause Tungiasis, a parasitic infection caused by a parasite known as T. penetration.

Some of the most important things to remember about flea control:
• Fleas are capable of surviving during the summer and winter seasons.

• Fleas cannot die even if they are subjected to freezers.

Therefore, more active and efficient measures of Wilmslow flea treatments like flea fumigation are necessary to deal with the problem. Young's Pest Control is personally equipped with the best methods of dealing with flea removal from homes, which may be hazardous, especially for your family members.