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Professional Wilmslow Ant Infestation Removal

Ant infestations are often seen outside on paths and walls, but they can sometimes be found indoors. When this happens, removing an ant infestation can be quite difficult, especially in pharaoh ant invasions.

Even in the garden, ants can eat away at fruits, dry out the soil and cause distress to residents during mating season, when the ants take flight.

If you’re experiencing a problem with ants, such as a flying ant infestation, you can call Young’s Pest Control for a professional Wilmslow ant infestation removal service. We provide affordable extermination treatments for claiming back homes from these pests quickly and expertly.

The common black ant

Black antThere are two closely related species of common black ant (one found in open areas and the other in woodland) present throughout the UK. It is this species you may have seen mating in the air during summertime.

These flying black ants are either immature queens or male drones, which are only created by a colony once a year in preparation for the flying nuptials. The other types of ants found in a colony are queens and sterile workers.

A black ant colony is monogynous, meaning that there will only be one solitary queen amongst an average of between 4,000 and 7,000 workers, 10% of which will be out looking for food to bring back to the queen.

Problems an ant infestation in the house can cause

AntsThese worker ants cause problems during a flying ant infestation, as they are the ones that will invade a property in search of sustenance. Ants have a scattergun approach to gathering food, and they will crawl in cupboards, wall cavities, on tables and work surfaces.

Unlike the black ant, a pharaoh ant’s nest will contain many queens, allowing colonies to bud off and easy to create new nests. This presents a problem for homeowners suffering from an ant infestation of this type because there will sometimes be more than one nest to deal with. Therefore, standard do-it-yourself ant control treatment will not be effective, and the powder any poison is dangerous to children and pets. Therefore, professional pest control is your best bet for removing this type of ant infestation in the house.

For effective Wilmslow ant infestation removal treatment against an ant infestation taking over your home, Young’s Pest Control is always available to provide a reliable and affordable ant control service.