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Professional Widnes Mole Trapping

The common mole is a formidable pest. Unperturbed by a wide range of terrains and undisturbed by the seasons, the appearance of the humble mole can signify an infestation at any time of the year. The damage caused can be significant and pronounced, though it may not always be obvious to the naked eye. Like rabbits, they quickly multiply, and their appetite is as voracious as any other wild beast. Serious damage to root systems and weaknesses to structural integrity is the primary concern of those in need of Widnes mole trapping and control.

Some Common Signs of Infestation

The most obvious and familiar sign of an infestation is the 'molehill'. These small mounds of earth indicate a serious problem. Beneath each mound is a gouge taken out of your property.

Mole moundThere are other less obvious signs worth paying attention to. Aside from molehills, you may find:

  • Ridges: these may appear across your ground, even if hills are not evident
  • Random damage: i.e. digging, holes, unearthed flowers
  • Spongy ground: the result of disruption to root and drainage systems

Moles are hardy creatures, and you will find them in virtually any kind of terrain, from sports fields to meadows, small home gardens to large-scale business complexes. Only the acidic and barren lands of the far north present an obstacle to them.

The Need for Professional Mole Control

There are some startling facts to consider when dealing with moles:

  • Mole in a molehillThey can eat the equivalent of their own weight in a single day
  • They reproduce at a rate of two to seven offspring annually
  • They can burrow as far as 20 meters in a single day

Widnes mole trapping is one of the most secure and efficient means of mole pest control. With precision and care, our trained and qualified pest control expert will be able to identify key locations for traps. They will also be able to insert these traps with minimal inconvenience to yourself and minimal disruption to your grounds, ensuring the most efficient and humane means of Widnes mole trapping and control.

Professional Widnes mole trapping affords you peace of mind as well as expertise. You can feel confident that your grounds are protected and that you dealt with the problem wisely. Contact one of our friendly, local teams to discuss your concerns and requirements.