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Professional Widnes Grey Squirrel Control

When we think of squirrels, we often envisage fluffy, bushy-tailed animals that are ever-present in our gardens throughout the year. However, what doesn’t often come to mind is that this energetic animal can sometimes be a pest to homeowners that have seen the damage they cause.

For this reason, we offer squirrel removal services at Young’s Pest Control for people concerned with controlling squirrel numbers and removing them from their property. In addition, if you suspect that squirrels have gained entry or caused damage, we are on hand to solve any Widnes grey squirrel control problems you may have.

UK species of squirrel

French fry eating squirrelThere are two species of squirrel found in the UK: the red squirrel and the eastern grey squirrel. The eastern grey squirrel is not native to the UK. Still, since its introduction in the early 20th century, it has out-competed the native red squirrel and increased in numbers considerably.

This population increase has forced some squirrels to look elsewhere for nesting places rather than the usual abandoned bird’s nests, and tree hollows often occupied. The roofs and lofts of people’s houses have provided the ideal compromise for these animals, giving space and warmth to either store food or raise young.

The many problems squirrels pose.

The problem comes when these invading squirrels damage the properties they have gained access to, as well as leaving, dropping and spreading fleas. The main complaint is regarding the damage they cause, which comes from their need to gnaw at things to wear down their incisors.

If you notice damage to your property, especially in roofing, lofts and bird feeders, we can offer affordable squirrel removal services for trapping and dispatching this rodent.

Other than property damage, other Widnes grey squirrel control problems include:
Grey squirrel close up
• Gnawing through wires which could start a fire.
• Biting people when threatened.
• Spreading fleas to pets.
• Eating food left for the birds

Widnes grey squirrel control services

Squirrels are large animals, so it is difficult to kill this species of rodent humanely. It should, therefore, be left to the professionals at Young’s Pest Control who have the right Widnes grey squirrel control equipment and experience to catch squirrels and the knowledge of how to dispatch them humanely. By law, you shouldn’t cause unnecessary suffering to an animal and calling on our experience will ensure that this won’t happen.