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Professional Widnes Cockroach Control

German CockroachAround the world, there are 4,600 recorded species of cockroach, of which only 30 are considered a pest. So, why has this insect got such a bad reputation?

One answer is that these 30 species of cockroach are very good at being a nuisance, and their ability to cause havoc on a property has gained them notoriety in popular culture.

Luckily, when an infestation takes hold, you can call on Young’s Pest Control to kill these critters and claim back your home with our cockroach treatment services. We provide an affordable Widnes cockroach control treatment that can quickly stabilise, reduce and eliminate an infestation.

Cockroach species found in the UK

Of the 30 species of cockroach known to be a problem, only four are commonly seen. These are the German cockroach, American cockroach, Oriental cockroach and Asian cockroach. The German and Oriental species are the culprits of most property infestations in the UK but are sometimes difficult to tell apart.

There are, however, small differences in their appearance.

• The German cockroach, on average, is about 15mm long with two black stripes along its back. They are found throughout the world in kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere where it is humid and damp
• In contrast, the Oriental cockroach can grow to 30mm in length, or twice that of the German species. They can also be found in properties, but they prefer cool places like basements and drains rather than kitchens and bathrooms.

How to known when you have a Widnes cockroach control issue

Dead cockroachesOnce an infestation starts to establish itself, there can be many indirect signs of the cockroach’s presence throughout the home.

• As a cockroach moves about, it will leave circular droppings or, as is the case with young cockroaches, resemble ground-up black pepper.
• A large infestation will produce a bad almond-like odour that will cling to any surfaces that the cockroaches regularly move over.
• Cockroaches are more active in the dark, so you might spot some scuttling around after you switch on a light.

Delivering cockroach pest control services

If you call Young’s Pest Control to deal with an infestation, you will get experience, knowledge and effective treatments. It’s not enough to treat a Widnes cockroach control problem yourself, as an effective cockroach treatment requires the strongest insecticides and an expert plan-of-action to rid this insect for good.