Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Widnes BumbleBee Control

Bumble Bee on flowerBumblebees are a familiar garden animal, and unless they are allergic to bee stings, most people don't think of them as a pest, but the truth is that they are. Building a nest in the wrong spot makes bumblebees a health and safety risk as well as an annoyance, and Widnes bumble bee control can be difficult for the average person to do safely and properly. Young's Pest Control offers 24-hour service and competitive rates on professional Widnes bumble bee nest removal services, so picking up the phone is all clients need to do to get rid of their Widnes bumble bee control problem.

Health & Safety Risks from Bumble Bees

People with bee allergies already know that bee venom can be deadly, triggering severe allergic responses that need emergency treatment to avoid serious illness or even death. However, people who aren't allergic to bees aren't immune to the health effects of a bumblebee sting. A muscle in the bee's stinger continues to pump venom through the stinger even after it has detached and the bee has flown away, leaving the unlucky sting recipient to remove the barbed stinger as quickly as possible. Even if the stinger is removed promptly, enough venom to have caused a burning, painful swelling will already have been injected. Bee stings are unpleasant for anyone.

Safety risks associated with bumblebees often come from invasive European tree bumblebees, who often use buildings full of people as their nesting sites. Nests in attics create stressful and irritating noise, and nests in vents create fire hazards. Any species can nest in an inconvenient space, but tree bumblebees are particularly likely to. The tree bumblebee is also more likely to attack people and is easily disturbed.

Professional Widnes Bumble Bee Control

Bumble BeeControl of bumblebees usually involves destroying the nest with insecticide treatments but may also involve relocating the nest to a safer area if this is possible. Only someone with bee handling and pest control experience is prepared to assess which treatment is best for the situation. Only professionals should carry out the Widnes bumble bee removal procedure.

Young's Pest Control has well-trained experts available 24 hours a day to tackle bumble bee problems, using the top of the line in terms of pesticides, personal protective equipment and training to keep them safe while ensuring that the problem is dealt with.