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The Best Widnes Bed Bug Treatment Method

Most people tend to think that bed bugs only infest dirty and cluttered homes. This is a big misconception as bedbugs can be found in any home, whether poor or wealthy. Therefore, unhygienic conditions do not cause bed bugs, but clearing the clutter can help reduce their hiding places. Professional Widnes bed bug treatment experts can help you identify these areas.

Bed BugHow to identify bed bugs

• They are flat, reddish-brown and oval
• Adults measure about 4 to 5mm
• They become swollen and more reddish after feeding on blood
• They do not have wings and thus cannot fly or jump


Female bed bugs can lay up to five eggs in a day. In their lifetime, they will lay between 200 to 500 eggs. To survive, bed bugs need an adequate supply of blood. Therefore, the availability of food and normal room temperatures can enable bed bugs to have a lifespan of over 300 days. Their rate of production is thus a clear indicator that you urgently need professional Widnes bed bug treatment.

Other facts about bedbugs

Bed bugs can survive for several months without any blood meal. Therefore, they will linger in furniture, suitcases and bags until that day they will be near a host again, mostly humans. These pests can also survive low and high temperatures. Based on these facts, bed bugs are considered hardy insects, and thus DIY bed bug treatment methods cannot work on them. Bed bug fumigation experts are, therefore, the best solution in case of an infestation.

Infestation signs that call for bed bug control

Bed bugs are tough to detect as they like hiding behind floor cracks, baseboards, loose wallpaper and carpets. Some of the telltale signs of an infestation include:
• Faecal smears on bed sheets, mattresses and furnishings
• Spotting one or two-bed bugs on your clothing during the day
• Having itchy welts on the skin as a result of their bites

Bed Bug TreatmentYou need to act quickly by calling bed bug fumigation experts once you notice these signs. If not so, then you risk having a full-blown infestation. Young’s pest control experts can help you find out if you have bed bug infestation and immediately apply the most appropriate bed bug removal methods.

Young’s Widnes bed bug treatment experts can be reached any time of the day as the company has a 24-hour response policy. However, sometimes the Widnes bed bug treatment process may have to be repeated as unreached eggs may hatch later after the first treatment.