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Expert Warrington Woodworm Treatment Solutions

Woodworm larvaeWoodworm is a term thrown about a lot these days when it comes to identifying the main household pests within the UK. Many people believe as the name suggests that woodworm is actually tiny little worms that live in the wood and eat their way through the wood, leaving worm-like holes as they do so. These holes damage the structural integrity of the wood and therefore if you have a woodworm infestation in support timbers in your home, for example, it also affects the structural integrity of your home and hence can put you or your family at risk. The risks that woodworm cause is real but despite many people assuming, the woodworm is not actually a worm, nor is it anyone specific species or creature. The woodworm is a collection of different insects that all have one thing in common, they all digest and want to live in wood. The most common of these is the common furniture beetle.

Detecting Woodworm

The thing about woodworm is that it is notoriously hard to detect, especially at early stages. Once the woodworm has been detected, often it is too late and Warrington woodworm treatment spray is futile and this means that a heavy cost to fix the damage is inflicted on the homeowner.

There are, however, some signs to spot that require you in most cases to closely examine the suspected piece of wood that you think may need Warrington woodworm removal treatment. The suspected area where you think the woodworm infestation has taken place may have some telltale signs of woodworm. This could be dead insects in and around the wood which is rather obvious and also structural defects within the wood itself is another sign of an infestation. These can be the remarkably round exit holes that arise from where the creatures have left the piece of wood. There is typically a lot of dust created as well due to the insects burrowing deep holes in the wood and this is a definite sign that you may need Warrington woodworm treatment furniture solutions.

Why Get Professional Treatment For Woodworm Removal?

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThe fact of having insects crawling through the very support structures of your house is surely enough to make you take action and get a Warrington woodworm treatment spray in order to get rid of the woodworm and in doing so, this will save you money if you think long term. It will prevent you from having to make the repairs that come with prolonged woodworm infestations.

Warrington woodworm treatment is most definitely best left to the professional teams, like Young's pest control, who are a team of people based in Manchester who deal with these kinds of problems. Their service is very quick, efficient and polite. Not only do they have access to much better substances and sprays in order to solve the problem, but they are also much more experienced and put in place brilliant measures that mean your home will be protected from future infestations for years to come.