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Expert Warrington Mole Trapping Services

Mole Identification

Full size moleThe general public understands that a mole makes tunnels and lives underground. Nevertheless, its behaviour is still relatively unknown and many experts are still piecing together information about the species behavioural traits.

Moles do spend most of their time underground, creating a network of tunnels where they live and feed. Moles are not kept in captivity because of their insatiable eating habits.

Here at Young's Pest Control, we have gathered key information that assists us ineffective mole control, Warrington mole trapping and mole pest control.

Mole Anatomy and Behaviour

Moles are found across the continents of Europe, southern Africa and North America. There are around 30 species of mole known to science, but more are thought to exist. Most mole species possess similar behavioural idiosyncrasies, with some rare exceptions apparently endangered species.

The Common Mole is widespread throughout the United Kingdom and is infamous because of the molehills it creates. A mole's body is cylindrical so that it can move through its network easily. The Common Mole has sensory hairs on its nose, which help the mole pick up electric and magnetic signals. These signals help the mole manoeuvre around and also assist it in catching prey. A mole's appetite is incredible - it spends 70% of its time searching out prey and eating it. Interestingly, it can consume close to its own body weight in food in one day.

Warrington Mole Trapping

Mole in a molehillAt Young's Pest Control, we offer professional and effective Warrington mole trapping, which is done to exterminate an on-going problem. We will locate the underground network of a mole and insert a small trowel in the ground to expose a hole big enough to house a small trap. Any soil remnants should be removed and the trap should then be set squarely, so the trigger correlates with the opening of the tunnel. The lower part of the trap will be set at the base of the tunnel. We will cover the entrance with pieces of turf and slate, so it gives the appearance that it hasn't been touched.

Mole Gassing

We make sure gassing in done in the most safe way, to ensure the mole population is exterminated efficiently. Talunex Aluminium Phosphide is our chosen product for gassing moles in their tunnels and it is administered in the form of pellets. Poisons are usually illegal and do not ensure the same results as the product we use. Young's pest control have always been the leaders in delivering exceptional Warrington mole trapping and mole pest control.