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Warrington Grey Squirrel Control

Getting Rid Of Grey Squirrels

The grey squirrel is not commonly thought of as a pest in the UK but they are actually a very large problem which is becoming bigger and bigger. The grey squirrel can cause just as many problems but people see them as cute friendly creatures, like the ones you see in the park so they don't get such a bad reputation. However, due to their recent increase in numbers and the fact that their natural habitat is becoming smaller, grey squirrels have become a very big household pest that inhabits many homes across the UK.

How Do They Get In?

French fry eating squirrelTheir nimble and agile frames and their climbing ability explain how a squirrel can get around the exterior of a house but the common opinion is that there aren't any holes big enough to allow a squirrel inside, however, the ability of a squirrel to contort itself is amazing and they really can fit through the smallest of holes. On top of this, their remarkably sharp teeth can gnaw and wear away incredibly hard things, like your brickwork even. This means that any slight flaw, imperfection or crack can be exploited by a grey squirrel so that they can gain access to your home.

Common places where people require Warrington grey squirrel control is the loft, garages or other outbuildings. Unlike mice or rats, squirrels can climb and they really are brilliant at it because they are used to scaling trees. They will make short work of your walls and once they are in, they are very difficult to get out which is why if you have a problem that requires Warrington grey squirrel control, calling a professional squirrel pest control team like Young's is the only way to ensure efficient and reliable squirrel removal.

Why Do We Need To Get Rid Of Them?

Grey squirrel close upWarrington grey squirrel control is essential because of the variety of different household problems that they cause. Professional squirrel removal should take place immediately after an infestation is discovered because they can actually put you and your family in danger. They can do this by chewing through your wires which is a huge fire hazard and they can also chew through almost any materials which can prove very very costly to fix. The damage that they can cause can not only be expensive to fix but can also put you in danger so squirrel removal is essential.