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Stretton Pest Control 

Stretton Wasp Nest Removal The biggest problem you will deal with at your home when working at home is the new norm is pests. You will require a conducive environment to become productive. Pests do not add more to your life. That is why you need to contact our pest control services and quickly get a hold of the situation.

What damage pests bring 

Pests are much different from the home pets that you have at home. They are destructive a leave lots of surmountable losses. These destructions include the following. 

  • Chewing up electric appliances inside walls and attics 
  • Bring unpleasant odours to the house, especially when some die 
  • Destroying clothes, boxes and bugs 
  • Contaminating food products 
  • Causing allergies 

Why use professional pest control 

Taking complete control of pests at your Stretton mice & rat controlplace needs support. Here is why doing it yourself will not give good results. Instead, call Stretton pest control to get rid of the invaders. 

1.Pest management 

Pest control companies use pest management programs that help to solve client problems. These programs include practical ways to solve mice & rat control and wasp nest removal treatment. Such programs safely help to keep the family safe while dealing with the issue. 

2.Discovering the source 

The company has trained experts who have researched the behaviours of different kinds of pests. Through such research, they are capable of knowing the places where they like building and nesting. The professional accomplishes this by looking for cracks, holes and water leaks around the house. 

3.Health protection 

Relieve your family from the burden of having to deal with diseases and health issues. Most of these pests are filthy, and Stretton Mice & Rat controlthey carry bacteria, causing infections. Professional support will give you peace of mind that the work will be successful while your family is safe. 

4.Reduced damage 

Mice & rat control can have multiple tasks to be taken care of by yourself. It may include the involvement of the movement of the house furniture. Doing it yourself can be challenging, and you might hurt yourself doing it. However, using a company will make it much easier to avoid damaging your property. They come with types of equipment that help to the task inclusive of enormous staff. 

Services offered by Stretton 

The company deals with a variety of pest control services. Preferably these services help to make sure that work is efficient. Check out some of the processes. 

1.Wasp nest removal treatment 

Wasps live in caves, trees, bushes and dark places like the attic and the roofs. Before the treatment starts, there are some key points you need to know: 

  • wasp nesting starts in spring. So may is the time you need to start preparing for them. 
  • Once infested with wasps at your house, know that they do not change the nest location for 7-8 months. 
  • Wasp treatments are not reused. 

Well researched Insecticides help to get rid of wasps. However, sometimes after the removal of the nests, they tend to rebuild the nest. Stretton Wasp Nest RemovalTherefore, you need to realise that it is essential to have professionals support you to make it much more manageable. 

2.Mice and rat control 

The behaviour of rats varies from one species to the next. Some always come in huge packs, and this brings some destruction to the house. First, however, an exterminator removes all food and water sources, making them starve and come out to the opening. Then, with good treatment, the exterminator delivers the approach carefully. 


Do not ignore pest infestation issues in your house. They can be destructive and cause a Stretton mice & rat controllot of problems in the household. Instead, choose Stretton pest control as a service company that will cater to your needs. It is not shameful to take some time away from home to deal with this. Better be safe than sorry. 

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